I’ve been experimenting with following the moon cycles this year and although I’m no expert, I’ve found it interesting to work with these dates instead of a typical calendar month, especially when it comes to journaling and intention setting around my creative practice.

So I thought I’d give you a brief rundown of how the cycles work and how you can integrate actions around the new and full moon to build a life you love.

New Moon

This is the time when the moon isn’t visible from Earth.

So think about it as a clean slate, a time before things have even begun, an invitation to think about what you want to manifest in your life and then you can break it down into smaller intentions or tasks to be completed over the coming cycle.

This could be starting a new project, refreshing one that is feeling a bit stale, connecting with new people or getting out of your comfort zone to take in some inspiration at an event or exhibition. It’s all about new beginnings, so challenge yourself to think outside the box.


  • Tarot spread to connect with your intuition and find out what you really want
  • Book a reading with a trusted tarot reader
  • Journaling to explore future and write a list of new moon intentions
  • Vision boarding

Waxing Cresent, first quarter and gibbous moon phases see the moon become more visible over a period of roughly two weeks, culminating in the full moon.

During this period, stay focused on your creative intentions, journal on them daily, visualise them becoming a reality and make use of the energy that accompanies the time after the new moon.

Journal prompts for the new moon phase:

  1. What aspects of my inner self are currently in the shadows, waiting to be illuminated?
  2. What new creative connections do I want to manifest during this lunar cycle?
  3. What habits, beliefs, or energies no longer serve my creative self?
  4. As a writer, what creative projects or ideas are calling to me at this moment?
  5. How can I nurture and bring them to life during this lunar phase?
  6. What self-care practices will I prioritise during this lunar cycle to nourish my mind, body, and spirit?
  7. What intuitive insights or messages am I receiving at this moment?
  8. What does the moon represent to me, and how can I align with its energy for self-growth?


Full Moon

This is the energetic peak of the cycle, where you may find your energy levels are uncomfortably high.

I personally get a lot of anxious energy around the full moon, normally with headaches and chronic overthinking about how I’ve acted in the weeks previously (fun!)

Don’t be surprised if this leads to a lot of self-doubt in your creative abilities, fear of rejection or lack of energy as things come to a head. Hopefully, you’ll start to see some of your intentions manifest around this time.

This is the time to pause and reflect on what you have or haven’t manifested over the last few weeks. Let go of the past and move on.


  • Tarot spread to focus on what you need to let go of
  • Journaling to express gratitude for what you have now
  • Letter to the universe to say thank you and unsent letters of forgiveness for emotions you want to release

During the disseminating, third quarter and balsamic moon period you might find your energy level become more stable and then begin to dip off as it reaches the end of the cycle.

Use this time to relax into where you are now.

Keep working on the intentions you set but let go of anything that isn’t working and continue to put effort into the things that have been successful in the past. Give yourself grace towards the end of the cycle and make time for restorative self-care.

Journal prompts for the full moon

  1. What have I created since the last full moon, and how have these creations changed me?
  2. How has my creative process evolved over the last month?
  3. What blocks need my attention to let creative energy flow?
  4. How have I nurtured my creative spirit this month?
  5. How have I connected with fellow artists or writers this month and how has it fuelled my creative energy?
  6. What insights have my dreams provided recently and how will I use this in my creative work?
  7. Who or what am I ready to forgive and let go of?

Then the cycle begins all over again with the fresh new moon!

Was this helpful? Would you like to see more posts about how to work with the moon?