I help budding writers bloom 🌱

I’m a published author, freelance writer, and mentor based in Glasgow, Scotland. Writing has changed my life and I love sharing my passion through:

  • Online workshops
  • Courses
  • Mentoring

I hold space for you to uncover and share your uniqueness in all its glory. I also do tarot readings because I’m a spooky gal.

When you are deeply connected with the truth of who you are, writing flows like magic. When you feel disconnected from who you are, writing brings you home.

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Working with the Moon Cycles as a Creative 🌙

Working with the Moon Cycles as a Creative 🌙

I personally get a lot of anxious energy around the full moon, normally with headaches and chronic overthinking about how I’ve acted in the weeks previously (fun!)

Don’t be surprised if this leads to a lot of self-doubt in your creative abilities, fear of rejection or lack of energy as things come to a head. Hopefully, you’ll start to see some of your intentions manifest around this time.