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HASHTAG AUTHENTIC – i talk to Instagram legend Sara Tasker about staying happy and sane online

MENTALLY YOURS – Listen to me chat on the Metro mental health podcast about how I managed to plan a wedding whilst coping with anxiety and depression

MENTALLY YOURS – A whole episode dedicated to Depression in a Digital Age

WHAT I WISH I HAD KNOWN – Talking about the trials and tribuations of writing a book about mental health

THE CO-WORKING CLUB – Sharing my advice on freelancing. We talk about mental health, money and my book Out of Office

DITCH THE DIET – I talk to Rachael about why social media has both helped and hindered my relationship with my body

MENTAL PODCAST – How I attempt to set better boundaries on social media and why starting a blog helped me cope with depression

FROM YOUR BIG SISTER – Talking about why I’m such an advocate for digital technology as a communication tool for those of us who suffer the often crippling symptoms of mental illness

THE INFLUENTIAL WOMEN PODCAST – Talking to Nicki about the pressures of university, burnout and the importance of living authentically online

BETTER WORDS – The highs and lows of online life


COSMOPOLITAN – 11 women share the one thing that helps them overcome anxiety

FORBES – Freelancers: your vaccine against feast and famine

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING – How to spot a toxic friendship

HUFF POST – How to overcome shyness when it’s holding you back

DAILY MAIL – Ditch the 9-5 and be your own boss

PSYCH CENTRAL – The hardest part about living with depression

PSYCH CENTRAL – How to help a loved one with mental illness

REFINERY29 – I’m not having kids because of my mental health

REFINERY29 – These 3 women beat loneliness and found their best friends online

YAHOO FINANCE – Why we need to talk a mental health day sometimes

HEALTHISTA – 42 healthy gifts for Christmas