This was taken in summer 2012. It took me approximately 4 years to get my hair to this length after having is shoulder length for a few years as well as growing out a fringe. I had it like this for a year or so before I started to think maybe I should go short. This is my natural colour too. A little hint of ginger!


The photo above was taken in December 2012. After seeing these pictures I was adamant I was getting my hair cut short because it looked to limp and lifeless. My hair very thick, poker straight and supersoft. I dreamt of luscious, voluminous waves that I simple couldn’t create.


This picture above was when I went for the chop. I went for shoulder length but with long side shorter than the other. I would strongly recommend this style for anyone who is scared they will miss the length. It gives you a definite edgy ‘style’ without losing the feminine comfort of having hair falling round your face.



I finally went for the ‘big’ chop in summer 2013. I had absolutely no regrets and loved it from the second I saw it. I stuck to the asymmetric style which left me with a nice chunk of hair framing my face. This was me before a night out, although day to day I ended up tucking the longer section behind my ear.



A couple of weeks later I decided to go for the look I’d been dreaming of since 2012 and get the long side of my hair cut short. I think the hairdresser was worried but I was really happy with it. It definitely gives me more of a tomboy look, so I have had to reign in the old Primark men’s section shopping sprees (not joking). In this picture I had just bleached it at home. Not a good idea. I live with it like this for about 2 weeks before getting it done professionally.


I quickly got my hair bleached professionally and I was really happy with how it looked after that. Keeping it cool-toned was essential for me to I was always using my favourite toning products by Bleach London andΒ  Fudge. At this point I was a little sad to have cut off my long hair, but really only for a moment or two. But what’s done is done, hair will always grow back.

ash blonde shaved pixie

A few weeks after that I was totally sick of long section at the front and went and got all that chopped off too! I was starting to realise that having short hair would be higher maintenance that I first thought, because you need your hair cut more often to keep it in the desired style. With this in mind I told the hairdresser to go as short as she could to give me more time until my next appointment. She got the electric razor out and shaped the hairline round my neck beautifully. I couldn’t believe I’d gone from having mountains of hair to having it shaved at the back in no time at all!

If you are thinking about cutting your hair short I would recommend taking some time to think it over. Like I did, try an in-between style with one side shorter than the other to ease you into the lifestyle of a lady with shorter hair! Be prepared to wash and style your hair everyday, it doesn’t necessarily take more time to style longer hair.

Consider if it will suit your face shape. I have lost a lot of weight in the past 4 years and wouldn’t have felt confident with this haircut when I was heavier. Luckily I have quite small features and a pointy jawline which lend themselves to a shorter haircut.Try looking at photos and see what face shapes look good with the style you want. Ask your friends honest opinion, even your hairdresser too.

What do you think of my decision to get rid of my long hair?