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I don’t normally review beauty products, but since having my hair cut short and bleached ash blonde (read the full story with pics here) I have been in desperate need of a variety of products to keep my hair colour looking fresh.

I was first attracted to the beautiful packaging of these bottles. I can’t bear to put them in the bathroom cabinet and have placed them out on the windowsill for all to see! I was also pleasantly surprised to read the price in Boots; only £5 per bottle. Compared to the John Frieda equivalent (generally priced around £5.99) I find this to be a total bargain! The John Frieda one in my opinion is heavily diluted and can basically be used every day without damaging the hair but also not counteracting brassiness as effectively.

The scent of the Bleach London Shampoo and Conditioner is reminiscent of my favourite Yankee Candle called Midsummer’s Night. I know this candle is a firm favourite with a lot of females who like the smell on men’s aftershave, and for me it was just another reason to buy this wonderful product.

The shampoo itself is watery in consistency, with a dark purple colour which look almost like ink. It creates a small lather and brightened my hair within one wash. The conditioner
is rich and creamy, and left me hair really soft considering how dry and brittle it has become due to the bleaching process. I have been using the shampoo twice a week and the conditioner at least three times a week. I have had no problems with my hair going lilac as is often the case with these types of shampoos, and am pretty sure the bottles will last me through to the end of the year. Bear in mind I have rather short hair!

I’ve found that since I started bleaching my hair it’s become very dry and brittle, so I’ve been trying really hard give it some extra TLC. I had no idea that my heat styling tools were doing so much damage to my hair until I read this article about how to fix and prevent heat damaged hair! Now I’ve been trying some of the tips like drying it gently and it seems to be in much healthier condition.

Hope you found this helpful. What are your favourite products to use on bleached hair?

Update: Check out my latest hair transformation here!