People are going to say I’m a liar, so let’s get that out of the way first of all.

Technically, I’m not actually 30 years old yet; but I feel like I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the big three-oh so much that it’s like I’m there. In my head I’ve already blown out the candles on the cake. I’m no longer a twenty-something, so as blogging categories go I’ve bumped myself up to a higher grade. With that said, I consider myself to be a writer of the ’30 plus’ variety. A rare breed of online influencers who are grossly underestimated, but steadily growing in numbers.

I started blogging when I was about 26. Zoella, Anna and Fleur were all rising stars at the time and I was certainly interested in what they had to say about budget beauty, hair and fashion – for a while. After a year or so of trying to emulate their success with a few basic ’empties’ posts and ‘make-up favourites’ I realised I was too old for that stuff. Obviously I still wear make up, buy clothes and drag a brush through my hair now and again (I’m not an animal) but the subject matter doesn’t thrill me from a writer’s perspective. I have no authority on the subject for a start so I knew there was no longevity in it for me. I was flogging a dead horse when there were plenty of other perfectly preened – and very much alive – horses on the market. There are plenty of 30 plus bloggers who have found their niche in the fashion/beauty world (e.g. Mikhila, Emma and Becky) but I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to say that its not my forte. These ladies are doing a fabulous job on their own.

It seemed to me that young women were idolising the likes of The Kardashians and Beyonce. They wanted to know how obtain the perfect make up, hair, interiors and style that clearly takes a small army to create but appears totally effortless from the outside.  When I stared to blog I was unemployed due to ill health so I couldn’t afford to live that lifestyle, never mind advise others on how to do it too. I had spent most of my adult life focused on my career, enjoying a long term relationship and was looking forward to getting married and buying a house. I was approaching 30 and my priorities were so incredibly different to the ‘popular’ bloggers out there, that I wasn’t sure if I should even try to make my mark in the blogging community. I assumed my words would be lost in the ocean of lovely ladies who were punting the latest PR samples whilst I babbled on about nothing important.

I started writing about food and fitness because I was basically obsessed with being thin. I also love exercise, so am glad I’ve used the internet to spread that message to people who think working out has to be boring and torturous in equal measure. Now that I’m less meticulous about my diet and exercise regime I talk more about mental health and body positivity. I believe blogging should be flexible, we shouldn’t feel forced to find a ‘niche’. It’s our notepad where we can scribble down ideas and then hold it up to the world.

The great thing about blogging at my age is that I’ve been on this earth for a little longer than my teenage counterparts. I can’t share their excitement for the new Kylie lip kits, but I can offer some insight into being married, losing weight, gaining weight, anxiety, depression and important life decisions like having babies. My content isn’t aspirational but it’s wholly relatable, and I think that’s what gives us 30 plus girls the edge. I’m more confident now in my own opinions than I was 10 years ago. I’ve spent a lot of time self-reflecting to the point where I know myself better now than I ever have. I procrastinate less. I really don’t worry what anyone else thinks. This is my time!

Do I feel under-represented in the blogging community? Absolutely.

Although I’ve already mentioned a few of my favourite 30+ bloggers, I wouldn’t say I’m overwhelmed with choice. I’m not sure if this is because these women aren’t promoting themselves enough, or if they aren’t being celebrated because of their age. All I know is that their voices are important to me. What they have to say is still relevant and I hope to find more bloggers through simply sharing this blog post. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, or you already have one and you feel like what you have to say is boring, I beg you to reconsider.

If you’re looking for content that resonates with you and you can’t find it – create it yourself. Be it beauty, fashion, crafts, knitting or whatever the hell tickles your fancy; together we can show the world that our seemingly boring lives have meaning and we can start a worthwhile conversation online with like-minded women.

Are you a 30+ blogger? Share your blog in the comments below!