‘A brilliantly honest reminder about how to control your online space and not let it control you.’ — Emma Gannon, Sunday Times Bestselling Author

‘Fiona writes about mental health with fearless honesty and a quick wit. So much will resonate with so many.’ — Yvette Caster, Journalist and host of Metro.co.uk’s Mentally Yours podcast

‘Fiona’s open and engaging style draws you into her world … We can all learn from her journey and recognise that, even when following our dreams, we all need to go at our own pace.’ —Rebecca Thair, Editor at Happiful


Gift ideas for friends with depression

Buying gifts for friends with depression can be tricky. You want them to feel loved and appreciated, but often they have no interest in things that usually make them happy. I find it hard to ask for presents because I often feel like I don't deserve any, but when...

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Why I’m making 2017 the year of gratitude

I'm always trying to be more mindful. I'm getting better at it thanks to the odd yoga class and learning to put down my phone once in a while but of course, it's all rather difficult. Learning to count your blessings is difficult when you have depression. I feel...

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3 ways the beauty industry has affected my mental health

I've spent years rejecting the idea that the beauty industry can have a positive affect on my mental well-being. How can a lipstick make you happy? Why are young girls caking their faces in concealer when they don't even need it? It's taken me until by thirties to...

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An ode to anyone with depression this Christmas

  It’s Christmas day and everywhere, people are smiling. Children are grinning from ear to ear as they tear open their long-awaited gifts, and parents look on with pride, feeling accomplished after a long year of working hard to provide for the family....

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How to survive Christmas day as an introvert

Christmas Day can be pretty intense. Even for the most outgoing person, the idea of being cooped up with your nearest and dearest for 12 hours straight with nothing but food, alcohol and polite conversation to pass the time can be a little daunting. For someone like...

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10 dieting habits I’ve given up in 2016

One thing that went unnoticed when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety was my fixation on food. As my condition got worse I was obsessed with fitness and eating healthily, two obsessions which are often seen positive factors in someone's life. For this reason...

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