I started planning my wedding in 2014, just two years after my initial diagnoses of depression and anxiety.

On the outside, I appeared to be quite happy and excited but truthfully I found the whole experience rather stressful. To be honest I could get stressed in an empty room and it’s definitely one of my triggers, so I try to keep it under control.

But planning a wedding is a whole new level of stress that I’d never experienced before!

I wrote about my experience in detail in this article which I published on the Metro, and Yvette and Ellen asked me to appear on the podcast last week to delve a little deeper into the subject of wedding planning with anxiety.

Listen to the episode here!

Here’s a little excerpt:

‘I suppose everything’s just times 10. For me my anxiety is triggered by stress, particularly emotional stress, so something like planning a wedding is just a perfect storm really,’ said Abigail.

‘I have anxiety and depression and they kind of go hand in hand, and my trigger’s always stress, so I would get stressed about a tiny little thing and then that would make me anxious and the comedown from that was always depression,’ said Fiona.

Listen to the entire episode on iTunes.


‘Ask for help. I’m really bad at asking for help and even though I know that it would make it easier for me if I asked for help I still find it really, really hard. I feel a lot of pressure to do everything myself, and that’s partly the anxiety to be perfect,’ said Abigail.

‘I would say delegate but delegate wisely,’ added Fiona. ‘Delegate (tasks) to the right person so that you’re not then going to get stressed and take over and end up doing it yourself anyway.’

Listen to the entire episode on iTunes.

What did you think of the podcast? Did it help you feel less anxious about planning your own wedding?