There are some cracking podcasts for freelancers available online nowadays, but there are sooooo many! How do you know which ones to listen to first? Some are just sales tools and boring self-promotion for marketers or coaches, and others are genuinely helpful with golden tips and amazing advice.

So which are the best podcasts for freelancers? If you’re new to freelancing it’s always super helpful to hear how other people started out, and if you’ve been a freelancer for years it’s nice to know you’re not alone!

Here are my top 5 podcasts for freelancers:

Out of Office

I know, I know! I’m a tad biased, but I think my own podcast about freelance life is pretty bloody awesome. So I’m putting it on this list in case you’ve not had a chance to listen yet! I started the Out of Office Podcast as an accompaniment to my book. You’ll find that I share a lot of my own freelance journey which resonates with lots of freelancers.  And I know the podcast and the book have helped a large number of people make the leap from employed to fulltime freelancing!

Since I started recording, I’ve had tonnes of DMs from total strangers telling me how it’s inspired break free from the corporate shackles or to set up as a freelancer on the side. I don’t shy away from difficult topics, like depression and anxiety, and I think you’ll find the tips I share helpful.


Ctrl Alt Delete

Obviously I had to include this as the ultimate of freelancer podcasts, by the multi-hyphenate queen herself, Emma Gannon. This podcast is so good! Emma covers so many topics and speaks to some truly phenomenal humans on Ctrl Alt Delete, from Elizabeth Day and Dawn O’Porter to Joe Lycett and Gillian Anderson.

I love the breadth of her chats with brilliant people covering work, wellbeing & creativity, starting with some questions about work or whatever they might be promoting and then meandering into a whole other – often unexpected – world!

ctrl alt delete podcast for freelancers yellow image with cartoon of emma gannon

Creatively Human

This one is an essential listen for business owners and creatives, with gorgeous deep dive conversations going into the realms of why we do what we do, and the highs and lows on the journey! Ruth Poundwhite interviews the likes of Ravideep Kaur, me, Rabya Lomas and Ray Dodd about our creative lives, and the philosophies and inspiration behind our businesses.

I love hearing how other freelancers fit everything in and use their freedom to create the kind of lives they want. It’s inspiring to know that there IS another way! The way that she focuses on how we’re all connected with each other as humans living life and doing business in a creative way is life-affirming. One to listen to when you’re craving deeper conversations.

creatively human podcast for freelancers

Starting the Conversation

Marketing pro Alice Benham hosts this podcast for freelancers and I love it! She speaks with such honesty and openness about her own journey, the highs and lows of running a business, as well as interviewing a variety of freelancers from different industries.

It shines a light on the unspoken parts of being a business owner. Be a fly on the wall for her chats with fellow entrepreneurs and go behind the scenes where they confess their mishaps (I know it’s always reassuring to hear these!). It’s fun, easy to listen to and will give you hope for your business or freelancing life!


Coworking Club – Jess Berry

This is one I love to listen to when I’m out and about or feeling like I need a sense of community! It’s a podcast for female business owners who want “to work FOR themselves not BY themselves”!

She speaks with lots of women about all things entrepreneurship. The shenanigans that come with running your own business are covered in her chats and of course the trials and tribulations of working from home! It’s given me some great tips about how to stay motivated and on task!

coworking club podcast for freelancers

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my 5 best podcasts for freelancers and that they give you some listening inspiration!

If you have any podcasts you love that I’ve missed leave a comment below. I’m always on the lookout for new listens! And if you get a chance to have a listen to these, let me know and don’t forget to leave these awesome podcasters reviews! Every little helps and all that, eh?!

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And if you haven’t nabbed a copy of my book, Out of Office, yet it’s an absolute must for freelancers – especially if you’re new to it all!