Buying gifts for friends with depression can be tricky. You want them to feel loved and appreciated, but often they have no interest in things that usually make them happy.

I find it hard to ask for presents because I often feel like I don’t deserve any, but when people do make the effort to choose me a thoughtful gift it can really lift my spirit for the day.

I’ve also written about gifts for people with anxiety, which you can read here.

Books about mental illness

One thing that really helps me work on my own mental health is by reading about other peoples’ experiences. I absolutely love Bryony Gordon’s Mad Girl, it’s one of my all-time favourites.

You can take your pick from the Trigger Publishing and they have an extensive range of memoirs in the ‘Inspirational Series’ which includes my own book.

My particular story is all about social media and how it can play an important role in recovery and relapse in equal measure. You can order it on Amazon.


These Have Hope t-shirts were designed by my brother.

They are perfect for skateboarders or punk rock fans, and the bright colours and graphic prints are unlike any other mental health brands I’ve seen.

For more mental health awareness merch ideas read this.

You Got This: A Feel-Good Zine

If you’re looking for something to boost your mood, I’ve created this beautiful mini magazine which is filled with original writings on mental health as well as artwork by Chloe from The Feels Club.

It’s not designed to cure the symptoms of depression and anxiety, but merely act as a companion for when you’re having a bad day. You can buy it via my shop here.

I Can Cards

Positive affirmations can be hard to implement when you have depression, so these handy cards and a useful way to remind your friends that they are loved and wanted.

The ‘Depression & Anxiety’ pack was created by people who suffer from the illness personally, as so it’s made with the end user in mind.

Every day the person who owns the cards selects one at random and then takes a few moments to reflect on the affirmation.

I’ve been using them for months now and I can’t praise them enough. You can read my full blog review here

Laura Talanti Pins/Stickers

“You Are Enough” is such a simple phrase, but one that I personally need reminded of daily.  Giving this gift to a friend is really thoughtful, and acts as a regular pep talk whenever they wear it.

This professionally made soft enamel pin is the perfect reminder to pin to your bag or jacket. It measures approx 1.25 inches.

The teal green pin has a gold metal outline/text. The new glitter option has rose gold metal with iridescent white glitter and a shiny epoxy coating.

These gorgeous glossy stickers are professionally printed durable stickers that will not fade and will last for years on notebook covers, laptops etc.

You will receive two stickers – one of each design. Again, these act as subtle reminders for a friend that you”re thinking about them and that you value them.

One reads “Real Not Perfect” and the other “You Are Enough”.

Five Minutes in the Morning: A Focus Journal

What if five minutes could change your routine and change your day?

What if you checked in with how you are feeling for just those few minutes, maybe sitting down over that cup of coffee or tea, or quietly sitting by the window before you head towards the shower?

Often people with depression don’t make time for themselves, and this is lovely journal to encourage a few minutes of personal reflection.

Lush Twilight Gift Set

Sometimes the gift of a good night’s sleep is invaluable. When I’m depressed I often forget to take care of my body as I’m so focused on my mind.

This set is a little treat, helping friends relax and enjoy a bath or shower with the calming scent of lavender.

The box contains the infamous Sleepy Body Lotion, Twilight Body Spray and Twilight Shower Gel.

My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists

Sometimes it’s nice to write as a form of expression, without writing about feelings or depression itself.

It can actually be quite difficult for people with depression to organise their thoughts or even define them, so having a book of prompts is perfect.

This Listography is a lovely way to encourage writing and could even act as a gentle motivator for being more productive.

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