Wedding planning with depression and anxiety

I started planning my wedding in 2014, just two years after my initial diagnoses of depression and anxiety. On the outside, I appeared to be quite happy and excited but truthfully I found the whole experience rather stressful. To be honest I could get...

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Gift ideas for friends with depression

Buying gifts for friends with depression can be tricky. You want them to feel loved and appreciated, but often they have no interest in things that usually make them happy. I find it hard to ask for presents because I often feel like I don't deserve any, but when...

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How to get stuff done with depression

You might have read my long rambling posts about depression and hopeless it can make me feel. I’m sure you’re reading this because you too have been fighting the back dog for some time now, so don’t worry, you’re safe here. I get you. I was diagnosed with...

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Boost your mood with these powerful feel good fragrances

Gardens make me emotional The smell of freshly cut grass instantly transports me to the seaside caravan park where I spent the sunshine of my youth. My family spent every summer there soaking up the Scottish sun (there seemed to be more sunshine back then)...

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‘A brilliantly honest reminder about how to control your online space and not let it control you.’ — Emma Gannon, Sunday Times Bestselling Author

‘Fiona writes about mental health with fearless honesty and a quick wit. So much will resonate with so many.’ — Yvette Caster, Journalist and host of’s Mentally Yours podcast

‘Fiona’s open and engaging style draws you into her world … We can all learn from her journey and recognise that, even when following our dreams, we all need to go at our own pace.’ —Rebecca Thair, Editor at Happiful