Sue has been in my life for the last few years, attending various writing workshops and cheering me on through Instagram. But last year, she reached out to work with me on a mentoring basis.

Recently, she offered to write down a testimonial for me and I wanted to share it so that if you’re thinking about working with me you can get an idea of what to expect.

“They say when the student is ready the teacher appears.”

I wish it hadn’t taken me 10 years to be ready to find Fi but now I have I am so grateful for her gentle, decisive, insightful guidance. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that within 2 weeks of starting coaching with Fi I had accomplished a goal I’d had for several years (Let’s not dwell on how many years, it was a lot). I still find it incredible that something I had built up in my head to be a big scary goal could so quickly and expertly be broken into gentle steps taken with Fi beside me, letting me explore my fears but quietly nudging me on. 

I’m not new to being coached, I’m a believer in its power but what is new for me is finding a coach who has met me at my quiet introverted level and guided me without making anything loud, extroverted or pumped up.

But the results I’ve achieved with Fi in a few short weeks have taken me further and farther than any of the expensive ‘’let’s take on the world, hollering and whooping” coaching I’ve tried far too many times to count.  I loved those coaches but they haven’t led me to the results I hoped for. 

Fi has helped me see that I’ve wanted to be a writer, probably all my life, a vision of quietly sitting pouring the words that filled my soul onto a page in the hope that someday they’d make a difference to someone. I don’t think I even understood that dream but with Fi’s help I’ve found the voice to quietly whisper ‘I am a writer’ and the belief grows day by day.  

I didn’t start at 1:1 coaching, I think I started with her podcast, then an evening class or two, each time finding more value than I expected and finding myself wanting more of her time and wisdom. Even feedback has been so sensitively given that I no longer dread getting my word reviews back and now relish seeing Fi’s feedback. There’s deep wisdom there, she only reveals it slowly and I’m not sure she even understands herself how powerful and valuable her knowledge and experience are yet. 

Fi is still my coach as I write this, I’m excited for what else I can accomplish with her as my guide. If your path hasn’t crossed with hers, I hope you’ll give her a try and see if she can help you achieve your dreams too.

However huge or humble your vision may be, Fi’s smart, supportive and surprisingly easy guidance may also take you from baby steps to dreams come true.  

If you’re interested, here are some ways you can work with me.