I wanted this episode of Out of Office to really speak to people who are feeling a bit lost. Because I think we’re all been there right? We’ve all been in those types of jobs where you’re constantly watching the clock from 9.01am, you’ve eaten your lunch by 10am just out of pure boredom, and maybe the work you’re doing is unfulfilling or you just don’t give a shit about the stuff you’re responsible for. I felt like that quite honestly, most of my life until I was thirty years old.

I won’t go into too much depth about my history here but basically, I was always creative as a child. Writing stories, drawing, drama club. Singing and acting. Playing the piano. I loved music and ended up studying music at university. Then reality hit and I realised that working in the music industry just wasn’t a passion of mine so I graduated uni and took a promotion at the cafe I had been working in when I was a student. I then spent the next 5 or 6 years in various management roles in the catering industry. I didn’t hate my life but I was very unhappy, anxious and stressed for the majority of my working day and my life in general.

This episode delves into why I went freelance and how you can figure out what passions you might be able to follow in self-employment. I’ve also got Ali from The Positive Planner sharing her thoughts on the power of journaling when it comes to figuring out your career path.






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