In this episode, I want to delve into the idea of a side hustle. What is a side hustle and why is it helpful for people who want to go freelance? And how can you overcome the fear of actually starting one and then how can you juggle your side project whilst holding down a fulltime job?  I’ll also be talking to my friend and YouTube creator Mikhila McDaid who is talking about why her side hustle will never be a full-time thing why that’s exactly the way she likes it.

The term ‘side hustle’ means something different to everyone. For some, it means a passion project that is never meant to become profitable; for others, it’s a million-dollar idea that they work on tirelessly in order to turn it into a full-time job. When I talk about side hustles I generally refer to them as a smart way to dip your toe into freelancing without quitting your job entirely or setting up a fully-fledged business with an office and stock, and overheads etc. To me, side-hustling is a safe, slow-burn route to achieving a successful freelancing career.

The reason I tell people to start a side hustle is because it’s the safest way to get started. There’s no pressure to succeed, just have fun and treat it as an experiment. Sure, you might not be earning any money from it but that’s a good thing in the beginning. You can just get used to doing the thing and figuring out if you actually enjoy it and think about where the potential income could come from in the future. It’s also the best way to experience failure and get used to it.






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