‘A brilliantly honest reminder about how to control your online space and not let it control you.’ — Emma Gannon, Sunday Times Bestselling Author

‘Fiona writes about mental health with fearless honesty and a quick wit. So much will resonate with so many.’ — Yvette Caster, Journalist and host of Metro.co.uk’s Mentally Yours podcast

‘Fiona’s open and engaging style draws you into her world … We can all learn from her journey and recognise that, even when following our dreams, we all need to go at our own pace.’ —Rebecca Thair, Editor at Happiful


The most important things that counselling has taught me

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness then you’ve probably been told a million times that it’s good to talk. Being open and honest with your partner, family and friends is definitely a step in the right direction as keeping your feeling bottled up...

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Wedding planning with depression and anxiety

I started planning my wedding in 2014, just two years after my initial diagnoses of depression and anxiety. On the outside, I appeared to be quite happy and excited but truthfully I found the whole experience rather stressful. To be honest I could get...

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Why I’m grateful for my mum

This week in the Year of Gratitude Challenge the topic of conversation is my mum. I don't want to bang on about it too long because let's face it; we all love our mums. I'm sure you can identify when I say she's been there for me no matter what, looked after me when...

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10 things you should stop doing just to please other people

When I was 17 I grabbed a box of the brightest red hair dye I could afford and went from blonde to copper one Friday afternoon in my parents' bathroom. It was the first time I'd thought 'fuck it' and done something on a whim. I kept it that way for a few years, but as...

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Why I’m grateful for my family

It's that time again where I want to set my other work aside and practice gratitude. This is a task I'm taking great pleasure in if I'm honest, and I didn't realise just how much I have to be grateful for until I started this challenge. I'm also joined by Lu Lu Blue...

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Year of gratitude week 2: Spouse

  It time to explore the year of gratitude again, and I'm so excited to talk this week about how grateful I am to have my husband! If you like this post then check out this post from LuLu Blue on the same subject. I don't think you need to be in a relationship to...

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Can Instagram really make you more body positive?

Since ditching the dieting lifestyle that gave me the 'perfect' body and a twisted mindset, I've made a conscious effort to redefine what beautiful means to me. I've retrained my brain to realise that not everyone can or should look the same. We can't all have a tiny...

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Year of gratitude week 1: Why start this challenge?

If you didn't catch my post earlier this week, click here to find out more about the year of gratitude challenge that I've decided to try out on my blog. I won't lie. I kind of decided to do this at the last minute. I was at my in-laws house over Christmas and I was...

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