“like a spa treatment for the soul”

That’s the best way I can describe the magic that happens when you and I dedicate an entire morning to your self-growth. With meditation, tarot and therapeutic journaling and my guidance, we can bring out your sparkles again.

What to expect

Tell me about yourself – a few weeks before our Magic Morning, I’ll send you a few questions to get to know you better. This will allow me to loosely plan our session, write a meditation for you and plan some journaling techniques specific to you.

Guided meditation – written specifically for our session, designed to ease you into a peaceful place where you can gently access the truth of who you are and what is going on in life. Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before, it’s just closing your eyes and using your imagination with my guidance.

Hour-long tarot reading – the cards you need will make themselves known, normally by flying out the deck as I talk to you 😂 at which point I’ll talk through the messages being communicated. We have plenty of time to dig into various aspects of your life, including career, relationships, family and spirituality to give you the guidance you need.

Therapeutic journaling session – writing offers a tactile way to connect to the parts of you that feel ungraspable. I’ll take you through a collection of specific techniques to allow you to capture your thoughts and untangle them as you go.

Magic Mornings are about empowering YOU to make the best choices for yourself, not about receiving instructions on how to live your life.

My aim is to hold space for you to explore the overarching themes via my card readings, meditations and your own personal journaling experience.

My approach

Inviting stillness to the mind is a key part of what I do. My aim is to begin to peel away the ego, the critic, and the pressures of your inner dialogue, helping you access your natural state of calm and peacefulness. Whilst this can feel uncomfortable at first, getting in touch with the quieter voice within is, I believe, how you uncover powerful wisdom.

Tarot is a tool to give you access to your inner guidance system. I believe we all know, deep down, what we truly desire and the cards can help you bring it to the surface. I’m the person who can help you on that journey.

I work intuitively by responding to your energy and needs, so often I will deviate from the plan set out to give you what you need. This might mean going down a few rabbit holes, sharing personal stories and sending follow-up information to ponder. It’s all conjured up in the magic of the moment.

Therapeutic journaling provides a structured yet flexible way to support your well-being. I have an extensive toolkit to work with, and depending on the session they can offer unfiltered catharsis, the organising and processing of emotions, practical intention setting, letter-writing and even the exploration of parallel universes. It’s phenomenal!


Your Magic Morning will take place on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday morning between 09:30 – 12noon.

Other days and times may be available on special request.



Your investment



(or 3 monthly instalmens of £185)

Past clients have use this time to…


  • Explore career options
  • Make big life decisions
  • Self-soothe during challenging times
  • Figure out what they want in a partner
  • Get clarity during a transitional phase of life
  • Set boundaries with family, friends and colleagues
  • Boost confidence before a job interview
  • Find alignment with their business offerings