If I asked you what you WANT from life right now, what would you say?


“More freedom/money/calm”

“Less stress/overwhelm/anxiety”

or maybe just …..“I don’t know.”

Not exactly what you had in mind for life when you pictured your future self all those years ago, was it?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…

No amount of soft-light daydreaming, clean-house procrastinating or wistful-wondering out of the office window is going to soften the sting of feeling like you’re eternally hanging between where you are now and where you KNOW you could (and should) be…

You deserve so much more.

  • But what’s stopping you from embracing that version of yourself?
  • The humdrum of everyday life filling your head (and time) with must-dos and have-to-haves?
  • Not really knowing who you are anymore, staying stuck in a role that is crushing your spirit because it ‘pays the bills’?
  • Your everyday meander through life, getting sucked further into a Groundhog Day way of living, not knowing how to break yourself free?


There is so much potential inside of you.

But I get it, opening up to that potential feels big. Too big, sometimes. Family, work, health, friends, the state of society, the future – there is so much filling your head that it leaves little room for your real potential to shine.

You long to feel your treasure trove brimming with gems shining in the sunlight, to live the life you know you were born to live, to create, to write, to get lost inside your own limitless potential. I get it. I’ve been there too.


“Sitting in boredom & regret is much scarier than taking the leap…  believe me.”

When was the last time you spoke to the real you?

Introducing THE JOURNALING BUNDLE, a collection of tried and tested journaling prompts, exercises and most popular video workshops curated to help you uncover and embody your true self whilst helping you reach your actual potential.

A powerful mix of simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step techniques, guided meditations, and thought-provoking questions, this bundle of journaling joy, will re-engage your creativity and encourage you to make space for what really matters so you can find your words, and yourself, again.

Packed full of the prompts and exercises I use to reignite my own clarity when she begins to wane because, believe it or not, even mine picks up and leaves too you know, my Ultimate Journaling Bundle will help you to rediscover the gems we all already see inside you…

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How does journaling help?

From scientific geniuses to deep-thinking creatives and everyone in between, keeping a journal has proven to be a beneficial self-care practice time and time again.

Journaling can help you to:


Achieve your goals

When you commit your goals to paper by taking them out of your brain and writing them down, they become tangible. This means you can keep better track of them and stay accountable. Not only that, but the act of writing itself also serves as a direction for your focus AND a reminder of what you need to do to achieve your goals.


Track your progress

If you journal regularly, you can see how much you’ve grown by revisiting previous entries. Seeing how far you’ve come in turn, helps to build your confidence and keep you on track.


Reduce stress and anxiety

Taking your thoughts out of your mind and putting them onto your paper gives them their own space so they no longer occupy yours. This is especially powerful when those thoughts are negatively affecting your world.








(or the option to pay in two monthly installments)


What’s inside the Ultimate Journaling Bundle?

A ready-when-you-are digital collection of prompts, exercises and journaling tips & tricks to encourage you to write what you feel, when you feel it.

You’ll receive a downloadable link made up of the following:


A PDF guide filled with my favourite journaling techniques including zen journaling, speed journaling, intuitive journaling and more.


A guided video workshop explaining the basics of tarot, how to read intuitively and journal your own reading,


A guided video workshop featuring quick, powerful hacks to dive deep in just a few minutes every day.


A guided video workshop combining meditative visualiation techniques and journaling system to inspire your career choices.


A guided video workshop combining therapeutic journaling techniques to let go of the past and dream a bright new future.

The opportunity, and a gentle nudge whenever you need one, to ensure you allow yourself to take THE most powerful steps you can by exploring the past, present and future you, all in the form of jottings in your journal.


You are absolutely right; you could carry on getting lost in your soft-light daydreams and bumping back down to earth as the washing machine beeps for the rest of your days…


Grab the Ultimate Journaling Bundle and make that soft-light daydream, a reality.

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