Here are some resources I’ve found helpful.

If you are a small business and are willing to use your platform to help promote a fundraiser, please join this email list.




Advocating for Palestine 

This booklet outlines effective communication strategies, encouraging advocates to

remain calm, factual, and persistent in pursuing justice.

Free books

Share the stories of Palestinians

Amnesty International say: “Amplifying lived experience voices can be a transformative way to create empathy and understanding. Share the stories of Palestinians and those affected by the crisis in Gaza on your social media platforms.”

Response guide to tough questions

Advice on how to respond when someone asks you about your position.



Boycott companies involved

BDS (Boycotts, sanctions and divestments) advises targetting these companies. We focus our boycotts on a small number of companies and products for maximum impact. “We focus on companies that play a clear and direct role in Israel’s crimes and where we think we can have an impact.”

Choose ethical alternatives

Ethical Consumer Magazine has a list of alternative comanpanies that you can buy from. Includes alternatives to Amazon, AirBnB, and more.



Operation Olive Branch QR code

People can scan the code and find ways to donate.

Free posters from Studio Salud

Print and put in your windows, in your business, anywhere you can.



Buy a sim card

Send an eSIM to those in need. Prices from $4.

Donate directly to a family in need

Operation Olive Branch has a database of fundraisers.



Volunteer your time

Operation Olive Branch need help.

Showing your support will help empower those around you.

Actions like adding the Palestinian flag or changing your profile image are tiny actions, but they greatly empower your friends and family to also speak up and demand change.

React to all the Palestine posts you see, this:

  • Empowers your community to keep up its momentum.
  • Boosts social media algorithms.
  • It’s mental health support for us all.