Write & Repeat


Stop making excuses, build a solid routine and write the damn thing!


The 6-month writing programme for writers of all abilites


How do you become a successful writer?


Well, there are lots of things that help. You can benefit from networking, reading, attending book festivals, learning about structure and syntax… the list goes on.

But there comes a time when every writer has to admit that while these things are helpful, none of them are a substitute for the most important thing of all.

Are you ready for the secret? Come closer. A little closer still…..

You have to write.

Yup, that’s the secret. The special sauce. The golden ticket. Armed with this knowledge you can shelve the other stuff and put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, I guess?) except, it’s not that easy, is it?

Stop procrastinating. There’s always something more pressing than sitting down to write. Emails to be answered. Work to be done. Or if you’re anything like me, Netflix to binge.

The struggle is real

Building the habit of writing on a regular basis is hard, so if you’ve hit a brick wall until now you’re not alone.

Most books/blogs/journals/screenplays never come to exist because they aren’t given the gift of a regular writing routine.

A sculptor doesn’t carve their masterpiece in one sitting.

They chip away at it slowly over time, making mistakes, taking breaks, polishing it up until eventually they step back and unveil the finished product. ​

Writing is a solitary experience


Which means that there’s no partner in crime to scold you when you don’t show up at your desk to hit your word count. This means we rarely hold ourselves accountable to stick to a writing schedule.

The good news is that I can help. Let me be your partner in crime! LET ME SCOLD YOU.

OK there won’t be any actual scolding, but I’ll definitely help you show up, week after week, for an entire six months, to make headway in your writing project, whatever that may be.



Ready to write?

Doors open in October

How it works


Every Wednesday between the hours of 07:00 – 09:00 I’ll host a virtual writing session. Good old Zoom, eh? During that time window you can show up whenever you like for as long as you like. We’ll say a brief hello, and then get to the important stuff. Together, we’ll write.

At the end of the session you’ll record your progress on the virtual writers wall, noting your word count and any milestones you’ve reached.


You’ll also get

Three group mentoring sessions where you can pick my brain about all things writing. Thrash out your ideas, get tips on submitting to publications or just get accountability to make headway on the project you’re working on.

And this added bonus!

An optional group text chain (WhatsApp, ey oh!) where you can hop in and out, get feedback, pep talks and (for when you’re really struggling) those much-needed Netflix recommendations.

The details


When: Welcome session Wednesday 4th November 14:00

Weekly writing sessions start on Wednesday 11th November between 07:00 – 09:00

Group sessions will be on Tuesday 8th December, Tuesday 19th January and Tuesday 23rd March times TBC

Where: Zoom

How much? £570 (taken as 6 x monthly installments of £95)

This 6-month program offers you the potential to log upwards of 40 hours of solid writing, learn how to let creativity in and emerge glorious, with a new routine that will lay the foundation for your future writing projects.

Why I created this course


For a decade I worked 50+ hour weeks in various jobs I hated. I thought a career in creativity was pipe dream. A lost cause. A total impossibility.

I thought to become a writer I’d have to go back to university or get an unpaid internship to get my foot in the door.

But hard work and consistent writing can change everything.

This course is a way for me to pass on what I’ve learned to the eager yet disheartened writers of the world. You deserve to bring your creation to life!

I’m not gonna upload my CV for ya, but here are the highlights:

  • I’ve written for major publications including Refinery29, Grazia, Metro and Reader’s Digest
  • I’ve published two books and am currently working on my third
  • I teach creative writing
  • I have no formal qualifications in writing (which is kind of cool when you think about it)

Frequently asked questions

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

The real work gets done during our Wednesday morning writing sessions. If you can’t attend them, you won’t get the most out of the course. You don’t need to attend them all, just as many as possible to maximise the amount of writing you get done!

I'm an amateur writer, can I join?

This is designed for writers of ALL abilities, so yes! You are so welcome here!

Do I have to attend every session?

Nope, it’s up to you how much you show up. I’d recommend you attend at least three writing sessions every month and every group session if you can.

How much time will I need to invest in the course?

At least one hour per week, but once you get started writing you’ll end up wanting to do more!

Will this course run again?

I’ll likely run this course again in Summer 2021.

What happens in the group mentoring sessions?

Everyone will be given the chance to speak to the group about how their writing is coming along. I’ll provide support and feedback for everyone who attends.

Do I need to show my face on Zoom?

Nope! Do what you feel comfortable with.

I don't have a writing project in mind, should I still join?

If you’ve got a project in mind, great. I you don’t, that’s totally fine. This course is about training yourself to have a regular writing habit. You can use each session to work on personal writing like journaling, or I can send you some creative writing prompts to get your juices flowing every week. Even if you’re not working towards a specific goal, getting words on the page is great for honing your craft.

A LIL NOTE FROM ME: This is a considered purchase and involves both time on your part to get the best results. If you can’t afford this course, please don’t buy it.

All sales are final. No refunds will be given.