Jo Hooper

Founder of Mad and Sad Club

The best things about working with Jo is that we have a shared passion for mental health at work, but we also both love Jaffa Cakes. Our video chats feel like a lot therapy sessions, with space to bounce ideas and gain clarity. I love writing copy and doing research for Jo because I know that my work empowers her to do her best work with her clients.

“The big project (having mentally healthy job ads on my website) is now at a place where I can launch it. Things have happened so much more quickly and to a higher standard than if I had been left on my own. We’ve developed such a great business BFF relationship!”


Kirsty Hulse

Founder of Roar! Training

Being given the creative freedom to create content for the Roar! Instagram account is such a gift. I’ve experienced Kirsty’s training programs in-person and online so I understand how to deliver her digital marketing messaging in a way that suits her brand. She’s also wicked funny and majorly supportive, a real gem.

“Knowing that Fiona will take care of my social media marketing is such a relief. I trust her completely to do the work to a high standard and that leaves me to get on with running my business. I wish I’d done it sooner!

Ali and Finn

Creators of The Positive Planner

I’ve been saying for years that there should be a diary designed to help people track their mental health. Little did I know that Ali and Finn were hard at work designing The Positive Planner. I actually use their diaries, so being hired to write content for the website was an absolute dream. We’re a match made in stationery heaven.

“The main benefits of hiring Fiona have been working to a deadline and taking the task away from me which would have been continually put to the bottom of the to-do pile! Also, you gave us an amazing price, which was so great, thank you!”

Elle Narbrook

Founder of Elle Lorean Co

I helped Elle get sign-ups for her first ever online photography course. I wrote a month’s worth of Instagram content and two newsletters which helped make her course a huge success.

One of the biggest benefits working with you was the release of pressure off of me. I felt I could trust what you wrote for me and after week two, I barely felt like any tweaks or edits needed to be made. I could completely rely on you to speak in my brand voice.”