I’m no stranger to public speaking.

In fact it’s a skill I’m incredibly proud to have, especially as a chronic anxiety sufferer. I’ve spoken in pubs, halls, libraries, schools and bookshops all over the UK.

  • I’ve written about mental health for well-known publications such as Reader’s Digest, iNews and Metro Online
  • I’ve written a book called Depression in a Digital Age which chronicles my relationship with social media in the wider context of mental health
  • I have a unique viewpoint which is contrary to what the headlines tell us. I believe when used correctly, social media can help people with mental illness rebuild their lives and feel less isolated
  • I have tonnes of real life anecdotes and examples about how to manage your mental health in a digital world
  • I can connect with audiences spanning different age groups, backgrounds and varying degrees of wellbeing
  • I always make my talks funny and accessible, I don’t want to drag anyone down. I’m promoting hope and recovery

What I’m not:

  • A trained medical professsional. But in my experience, people with mental illness are often in regular contact with a GP or counsellor but lack conversations with people who have been in their shoes
  • I’m here to say ‘I get you’ and prove that there is light at the end of the tunnel

Was a fab event with lots of knowledge shared and a room full of great people


Thankyou Fiona for hosting such an inspiring event. You’ve given me lots to think about and it was so nice to hear your story and wisdom!


I sat amongst a wonderful group of women, each with their own story and passion and got to listen and simply be inspired.