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One week. Five mornings to build a habit. Time to write.

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Are you sick of hearing your own excuses? 


Ready to get out of your own way and make a dent in your blog/novel/book proposal?

Maybe just want a little self-care moment with your journal and a hot cuppa?

Revive in Five is designed to get you back in the writing game in less than one week. There’s nothing quite like accountability when it comes to building a regular writing habit, so we’ll meet on Zoom every morning for five consecutive days and write together for one hour.

What are virtual writing sessions?

I’ve hosted virtual writing sessions for the best part of a year now and lemme tell you; they work! I’ll send you one Zoom link that you can click through to attend every morning.
We’ll have a brief hello then you’ll turn your audio off (and camera if you prefer) then get writing.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is.

How does it work?

  • Upon purchase, you’ll receive a pre-recorded welcome video to introduce you to the program.
  • We’ll meet on Zoom every morning at 7am , Mon-Fri for one week, and write together for 60 minutes
  • Each session is self-guided, but I will give you an Ebook of prompts for days when you’re stuck
  • Literally, buy yourself some writing time and move forward with your goals

What should I write about?

Use the hour to write in whatever form you fancy. Do some journaling, write a blog post, work on your fiction… it’s totally up to you. The most important thing this that you show up and write.

Finally put pen to paper


online writing class

Write virtually in a group for accountabilty


Make time for the thing you love

Find your flow state (yes, it exists!)

Avoid distractions and feel like an absolute writing legend

Course details


What: 5 day writing program

How: Daily virtual writing sessions*

Where: Zoom

When: Monday 19th – Friday 23rd July
7am-8am BST

How much? £250 (or 2 x payments of £125)

*this is a self-guided writing program, there is NO teaching element so turn up ready to focus on your work in progress

BONUS: You’ll also get a free eBook crammed with journal prompts for extra inspiration which you can use during the week or maintain your daily writing habit

Thanks for this space Fi, honestly I would never have done this without it!


Thanks for another fab session – creative juices felt like they were properly flowing!!


Writing is now actually giving me more energy!


Time to write the damn thing, don’t you think?


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Why I created this program


For a decade I worked 50+ hour weeks in various jobs I hated. I thought a career in creativity was pipe dream. A lost cause. A total impossibility.

I thought to become a writer I’d have to go back to university or get an unpaid internship to get my foot in the door.

But hard work and consistent writing can change everything.

This program is a bitesize way to jumpstart your writing journey!

I’m not gonna upload my CV for ya, but here are the highlights:

  • I’ve written for major publications including Refinery29, Grazia, Metro and Reader’s Digest
  • I’ve published two books and am currently working on my third
  • I teach creative writing
  • I have no formal qualifications in writing (which is kind of cool when you think about it)​


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to show up everyday?

Nope, it’s up to you how often you show up. It’s a relatively short program so if your lifestyle/health allows I would advise turning up to at least four out of the five sessions to see the benefit. Rememeber there is no replay element so if you miss the live session there’s no way to get access again.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

There is no replay or teaching element to this program, so you’ll only see the benefit if you attend the virtual writing sessions. If you can’t attend live then you can’t take part.

How many sessions will there be?

Five in total at 7am Mon-Fri

How long will I have access to the course?

There is no content as such, so once the program has ended there will be no more live sessions. I will give you a free eBook of journal prompts which you can download and keep forever though!

How much time will I need to invest in the program?

Five hours minimum, but in my experience once people start writing in the morning they’re excited to carry on so you might want to clear your diary for a few hours after each session (totally optional of course!)

Will this run again?

If this is a success, I plan to run it again before the end of the year.

Can I get support in between sessions?

This is a self-guided program so there will be no direct support or feedack from me. Do look at my 1:1 support packages if you think that’s more your thing.

A LIL NOTE FROM ME:  If you can’t afford this course, please don’t buy it. There will be other opportunities for you to hone your writing skills in the future.