Pitching for Freelance Writers


Learn how to pitch, get published and make more money 


The 4 week online course for freelancers, biz owners, bloggers and side-hustlers 


Do you dream of seeing your name in print? Reading a headline and article penned by your own fair hands? Then today’s your day! Let me show you how to craft professional pitches, get published and MAKE MONEY as a freelance writer.

Ready to pitch?

Doors are currently closed. I also offer 1:1 sessions on pitching for freelancers. Click below to learn more.

I’ve been there

I spent my twenties making terrible espresso and fishing soggy lettuce out of an industrial dishwasher.

As err, lovely as that might sound, working in hospitality wasn’t particularly glamorous or creatively stimulating, so I decided to start a blog in my spare time.

With zero experience or contacts in the industry I built a career out of my writing skills. I quickly transitioned from blogging to writing for major publications. Pretty cool, huh?

In the last few years I’ve been paid to write for some of my favourite publications such as Metro, Reader’s Digest, Happiful, Refinery29, Grazia and iPaper. I’ve also written two non-fiction books and launched a creative writing course for freelancers. ​


The best part? I didn’t have to study journalism to see my name in print.


Instead, I learned to generate fresh and relevant ideas, pinpoint interesting stories, reach out to commissioning editors and craft successful pitch emails.

Want to know how?


In Pitching For Freelance Writers I’ll give you the inside scoop, sharing all the tips and tricks that helped me successfully break into journalism without any previous experience.

You’ll learn:

  • what makes a compelling story
  • what editors are really looking for
  • how to get published for the first time
  • how to (politely) chase up pitches
  • the etiquette of pitching multiple outlets at once
  • how to make sure you get paid fairly for the work you do

You’ll get:

  • access to real pitch emails that have worked for me in the past
  • resources that will put you in contact with editors who are actively seeking writers
  • confidence to finally bite the bullet and go for it!

I’ll also show you how to build regular habits that mean you’ll always have a steady flow of stonkingly good ideas to pitch, long after the course has finished.

Course details

What: 4 week pitching course for freelancers, bloggers and side-hustlers

How: Weekly live training (replay available)

Where: Zoom

When: TBC


What to expect


Week 1: How to think like a writer and generate ideas

Week 2: What makes a good story?

Week 3: How to write a professional pitch email

Week 4: Getting regular work and making money

Your investment


Ready to pitch?


Doors are currently closed. Check back soon!



In this 4-week interactive course you will…..

Gain pitching confidence

Get tips and tricks from a published writer

Learn what editors love (and hate)

Learn to craft captivating headlines so that your emails avoid the spam pile

Learn from real examples of successful pitch emails

Do it! Fiona shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for writing and pitching in a fun and inspiring way. Each week’s theme leads to the next and helps to build up a great toolbox for pitching as a newbie!


This course is for you if you:


  • Have a passion for writing but no clue how to do it professionally
  • See stories in the press that you could have written yourself
  • Feel that press coverage could elevate your personal brand
  • Want to be paid to write
  • Dream of seeing your words in print
  • Want to be a freelance writer but don’t know where to start

This course isn’t for you if you:


  • Don’t ever read website articles or magazines
  • Would rather stay in your comfort zone
  • Find it hard to accept feedback and rejection


Ready to pitch?

Doors are currently closed. Check back soon!

Why I created this course


For a decade I worked 50+ hour weeks in various jobs I hated. I thought a career in creativity was pipe dream. A lost cause. A total impossibility.

I thought to become a writer I’d have to go back to university or get an unpaid internship to get my foot in the door.

But that was complete and utter nonsense. Any half-decent writer can be paid for their work by pitching stories to magazines and websites. With the right knowledge and work ethic, there are writing jobs out there ripe for the picking.

This course is a way for me to pass on what I’ve learned to the eager yet disheartened writers of the world. You deserve your piece of the pie. It’s time to get stuck in!

I’m not gonna upload my CV for ya, but here are the highlights:

  • I’ve written for major publications including Refinery29, Grazia, Metro and Reader’s Digest
  • I’ve published two books and am currently working on my third
  • I teach creative writing
  • I have no formal qualifications in writing (which is kind of cool when you think about it)

Frequently asked questions

What if I can’t attend the live training?
No sweat! All live training sessions will be available on replay.

How many video sessions will there be?
There will be one video session per week, making four in total.

How long will I have access to the course?
Lifetime access baby!

How much time will I need to invest in the course?
I recommend you set aside a minimum of 3 hours per week to digest the content and do some work based on what you’ve learned. It’s up to you how much you want to get out of the course.

Will this course run again?
I’ll likely run this course again in Spring 2021.

A LIL NOTE FROM ME: This is a considered purchase and involves both time on your part to get the best results. If you can’t afford this course, please don’t buy it.

All sales are final. No refunds will be given.