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I’m a published author, freelance writer, and mentor based in Glasgow, Scotland. Writing has changed my life and I love sharing my passion through:

  • Online workshops
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I’m also the co-founder of Indie Businesses for Change, a community of entrepreneurs using their businesses to create positive social impact. I’ve scaled back most of my freelance work to focus my energy on the project.

We’re currently teaming up with talented community members who’ve generously donated digital products. When you purchase one, 100% of the proceeds go directly to the International Rescue Committee.

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Here’s How Tarot Helped Me Find Myself After Divorce

Here’s How Tarot Helped Me Find Myself After Divorce

Forms of modern witchcraft have always fascinated me. I’d been tempted to seek advice from a psychic or tarot reader in the past but I was afraid of being laughed at, so I buried my curiosity with spirituality and sought help elsewhere.

But in the separation process, I reclaimed a huge part of myself that had been swallowed up in the identity of a relationship.