There are certain people in life who are open to magic.


Personally, I gravitate to those people like a moth to a flame. When we get together I bring up my tarot cards, oracle decks, crystals and incense and they allow me to create a few hours of mystical fun.

These are my people. Together we make magic.

Me and Jo Hooper, a witchy pal who continually teaches me it’s OK to be myself.

Circle of friends

My purpose is to hold space for you to witness your own magic, which is why I’m excited to curate these online sessions that are somewhere between a women’s circle and coffee with friends, a much-needed gathering of star seeds who know that real magic lives within.

Through the power of guided meditation, tarot cards and therapeutic journaling, you’ll access the wonders of your inner world, your untapped resources and unspoken power.

Speak and we will listen.

This group program is currently fully booked until Autumn. In the meantime, you can book a VIP Magic Morning for 1:1 support.

What to expect

Guided meditations – written specifically for our session, designed to ease you into a peaceful place where you can gently access the truth of who you are and what is going on in life.

Mini individual card reading – the cards you need will make themselves known, normally by flying out the deck as I talk to you 😂 at which point I’ll talk through the messages being communicated.

Group card reading – together, each card we pull as a group will build a larger, connected picture of the lessons we are learning and messages we’re being called to hear. I’ll unpack all of this and pull extra tarot and oracle cards to provide guidance.

Therapeutic journaling session – writing offers a tactile way to connect to the parts of you that feel ungraspable. I’ll take you through a collection of specific techniques to allow you to capture your thoughts and untangle them as you go.

Delivered live – no replays or recordings here. A dedicated morning where we co-create and experience the magic and energy in real-time, together.

Magic Mornings are about empowering YOU to make the best choices for yourself, not about receiving instructions on how to live your life.

My aim is to hold space for you to explore the overarching themes via my card readings, meditations and your own personal journaling experience.

Seasonal themes


This season we’ll be exploring summer topics, each signified here by a complimentary tarot card. Each theme is a jumping-off point for us to get playfully curious, within the warmth and safety of our group.


Inner child, playfulness, possibilities.


Purpose, unity, contradictions.


Wild passions, desire, inner power.

My approach

Inviting stillness to the mind is a key part of what I do. My aim is to begin to peel away the ego, the critic, and the pressures of your inner dialogue, helping you access your natural state of calm and peacefulness. Whilst this can feel uncomfortable at first, getting in touch with the quieter voice within is, I believe, how you uncover powerful wisdom.

Tarot is a tool to give you access to your inner guidance system. I believe we all know, deep down, what we truly desire and the cards can help you bring it to the surface. I’m the person who can help you on that journey.

I work intuitively by responding to the energy in the group, so often I will deviate from the plan set out to give you what you need. This might mean going down a few rabbit holes, sharing personal stories and sending follow-up information to ponder. It’s all conjured up in the magic of the moment.

Therapeutic journaling provides a structured yet flexible way to support your well-being. I have an extensive toolkit to work with, and depending on the session they can offer unfiltered catharsis, the organising and processing of emotions, practical intention setting, letter-writing and even the exploration of parallel universes. It’s phenomenal!



There will be one live session per month, held on Zoom.

Friday 16 June, 9.30-12noon
Friday 28 July, 9.30-12noon
Friday 25 August, 9.30-12noon



Your investment


£99 per month, for three months.

A gift for you


When you sign up, you’ll also recieve a beautiful welcome gift in the post because who doesn’t like to get happy mail?

Your ‘blind date with a book’ gift box will be carefully selected and handmade by the talented Sophie Campbell and will include a preloved book beautifully packaged with brown paper, stickers, twine and a colourful wax seal, a sweet treat, coffee, candes and more!

What happens if I miss a session?

To protect the energy of the sessions I will not be recording them, which means if you miss a session unfortunately you will have missed the magic. You have to attend live to take part, but I’m also OK with you missing a session if you have made peace with missing out on the content.

How do I prepare for the session?

Make a lovely warm drink, grab your favourite notebook and make sure you won’t be disturbed. It’s nice to make your space feel a bit special too, so consider opening the window, letting in some natural light, popping on a scented candle and wearing your comfiest clothes.

I don't know anything about tarot, can I still take part?

Yes! Tarot is merely one of the tools I use to explore the themes we’re discussing and you don’t actually need any knowledge of tarot to experience the magic. I’ll explain all the meanings as we go.

Do I need a tarot deck to take part?

No, I’ll be pulling cards during the session and explaining the meanings. If you have your own tarot deck bring it along! You might want to pull extra cards as you journal.