Create an endless stream of ideas, improve your craft and transform inner wisdom into art.

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creative writing with tarot

Let’s add a little magic to your writing.

Imagine a world where your thoughts appear crystal clear in your mind and flow onto the page with ease.

In your creative process, you naturally find interesting solutions to your plot problems, vivid imagery to include in your poetry, rich character traits to pepper into your fiction, blog post headlines that beg to be written and nuggets of wisdom in just a few minutes of journaling your thoughts.

All this whilst you grow more attuned to your personal circumstances, become comfortably aware of your triggers and proactively prioritise self-growth in your daily routine.

  • When your intuition is strengthened your writing voice becomes naturally more powerful.
  • When you know your true self you write with conviction and clarity.
  • When you understand the essence of humanity your words can change the world.

Last year I felt creatively stuck.


None of the words I wrote on the page seemed to convey what I was trying to say, none of the ideas that sprung to mind got me genuinely excited.

When I started using tarot as a general guidance tool, I didn’t intend on using it as part of my writing. But the more tarot cards I pulled, the deeper my connection to self became.

Instead of writing in a way that I thought I should write, I began to write from a new place, from a source of inner knowing.

During my journaling sessions, I found myself writing things about myself I had never known before. Creatively, I experimented with poetry to express what had previously seemed ungraspable.

In my work, I stopped chasing external validation and finally realised that my creative integrity matters. I reconnected with my true self and this informed my writing in a whole new way.

You have the skills to do this too. Let me show you how!

I know you feel as though:

Your brain is in overdrive just getting through every day.

You have zero creative capacity.

Work is too overwhelming to find time to write.

You’re not ‘good enough’ to bother trying.

You’ve got nothing interesting to say, so what’s the point?

It’s time to take your power back.

creative writing with tarot

Creativity at your fingertips


Anyone can buy a tarot deck.

Anyone can buy a notebook.

You might already have both these things in your possession, but what many people don’t know is the magic that happens when you combine the two.

I want every writer to make use of the power of tarot.

Not just because it improves your creative thinking, but because it naturally leads to self-growth, fulfilment and soul expansion. It’s also just a lot of FUN!

To be able to bring joy and ease to your writing process is my dream. My aim is that by the end of the program, you’ll be excited to pull tarot cards every day AND naturally find ways to inform your writing process as a result.

This is for you if…..

  • You’re curious about tarot
  • You’re seeking practical writing tools
  • You enjoy writing but don’t know where to start
  • You want to create a bank of new ideas
  • You love a bit of woo

This is not for you if…..

  • You want a tarot reading (go here instead)
  • You want to memorise every single card meaning
  • You dislike anything spiritual
  • You want lessons in grammar
  • You’re not interested in writing

My approach to online writing programs


Flexible learning: All classes will be recorded so there is no requirement to attend live (but it is a lot of fun).


Come as you are: Keep your camera and mic off and remain silent if that’s your vibe. Alternatively, interrupt me with jokes and funny faces. Either or.


No homework: Time for writing is included during the sessions and there are extra prompts that you can revisit later, or not.


No pressure: Share as much or as little as you want during our sessions. I’ll be doing most of the talking so prepare your ears and enjoy yourself!


What to expect

creative writing tarot


Friday 14 April 10am-12pm

  • Tarot basics
  • How to pick a deck
  • How to intuitively read cards
  • Numerology and symbolism
creative writing tarot


Friday 28 April 10am-12pm

  • How tarot mirrors real life
  • Tarot as journal prompts
  • Personal storytelling
  • Non-fiction tasks
creative writing tarot


Friday 12 May 10am-12pm

  • Deepening your creative ideas
  • Building fictional worlds
  • Scene setting
  • Character conflict
creative writing tarot


Friday 26 May 10am-12pm

  • Playing with poetry
  • Creating mystery in your writing
  • Using restraints in your writing
  • Cycles and endings



In between sessions you’ll get additional prompts and thinking points to ponder as part of your creative writing with tarot journey.


BONUSES (worth £120+)


Journaling Treasure Trove eBook

Journaling for Self Discovery Workshop

Stop Procrastinating, Start Writing Workshop





(Or three monthly instalments of £99)

Tarot for everyone


If you’re completely new to tarot, that’s OK!


This program is designed to be a FUN way to use tarot cards as a tool for creativity. There will be no memorising of meanings or pop quizzes on the cards 🤣


If you regularly read your own tarot, sweet. Come on in and learn how to use your knowledge to boost your creative writing.

Everyone is welcome.


Got a question? Email me

fiona fletcher reid tarot


Do I need to buy a tarot deck to take part?

You do not need to buy a tarot deck to take part. We’ll be working with images on slides that everyone can access during and after the sessions, and I’ll be giving you a list of websites/apps where you can access free tarot cards. If you do want to pick up a tarot deck, I recommend the Rider Waite Smith deck.

Be honest, how 'woo woo' is this program?

It’s a little more woo than my standard writing programs, but it’s more of a lighthearted introduction to a tool that can be used for both spirituality and writing. We’ll be focusing mostly on the writing part.

What if I can't attend the live session?

There is no requirement to attend live. All sessions will be recorded and sent out via email within 24 hours and you’ll get lifetime access to watch as many times as you like.

How much time do I need to invest?

There are 4 sessions making 8 hours in total. You can practise as much or as little as you want in between sessions and hopefully long after the program ends.

Are there assignments to submit?

No, but I will be sharing techniques that you can use in future writing sessions if you wish.

Will this program run again?

I am hoping to run the program again later in 2023 but anticipate the price will increase a little.