Let’s take your content from boring obligation to brand celebration

Every single time you post content online you have a chance to spark up a conversation with your audience. The digital world has given you unprecedented access to your dream customers, but are you taking advantage of it?

I’m not talking about racking up billions of likes or going viral. That’s not my bag, because it’s not essential to building a successful business.

I’m talking about using language and images to speak directly to the people who want to know you exist. I’m talking about communicating strategically to create your biggest fans. The people who will buy from you, recommend you to others, and most importantly, feel emotionally invested in what you do.

There’s no trickery here, no quick fix. Just carefully planned content that makes your audience feel seen.

If you want clarity in your content plan, an intentional strategy and an expert writer in charge of putting it all into action then you’ve come to the right place.

Why work with a content writer?

With me, you’ll never write a half-arsed piece of content again because I’ll be putting in the work and writing on your behalf. There will be nothing but full-arsed content associated with your brand. Imagine Kim Kardashian’s arse. That’s what we’re aiming for.

As a business owner myself, I’ve spent years marketing my products and services through the power of content. I’ve written two books, been published in national magazines such as Grazia and Reader’s Digest and made a living from a modest-sized online audience. (I’m also quite humble but you have to go full throttle and sell yourself on your website, don’t you?)

Alongside my years of professional writing experience, I’m a social media addict in the best possible sense of the word. I get excited about the new fonts on Instagram so you don’t have to!

Why I do what I do

I love working with female business owners.

I got into freelancing because I knew I deserved more creative freedom than the traditional work environment had to offer. As a content writer, I have the opportunity to help give that freedom to other women.

I don’t work with lots of clients. I purposely limit my capacity so that I can focus on getting to know a handful of clients incredibly well. I do this through video calls (hello Zoom!) and my own research. This means that when I craft your content it truly represents your brand, effortlessly.

In between video calls, I’m just an email away. Send me your thoughts, questions and ideas and I’ll get back to you during working hours.

How we can work together

A wee bit of support

  • 45-minute mentoring call
  • 4 weeks of Instagram captions
  • Unlimited email support during working hours


A bit more support

  • 90-minute mentoring call
  • 4 weeks of Instagram captions
  • 2 newsletters
  • Unlimited email support during working hours


All the support

  • Initial 90-minute mentoring call
  • Additional 90-minute mentoring call midway through the project
  • 4 weeks of Instagram captions
  • 2 newsletters
  • 1 blog post
  • Unlimited email support during working hours



“The main benefits of hiring Fiona have been working to a deadline and taking the task away from me which would have been continually put to the bottom of the to-do pile!


– The Positive Planner

Next steps

I ask all my prospective clients to fill out an initial enquiry form. It’ll only take a few minutes, I promise. Then we’ll arrange a 15-minute discovery call (over Zoom so I can see your lovely face) to see if we’re a good fit. Don’t worry, it’s not a sales pitch and you’re under no pressure to hire me afterwards!

Frequently asked questions

None of these packages are quite right for me, what should I do?

Fill out the enquiry form below and let me know what you need. I’m happy work out customised packages if required!

Are your packages available on an ongoing basis?
I encourage clients to pick the package they want as a one-off purchase. Once that work has been delivered there is always the option to discuss an ongoing content support package.
Can you schedule my social media?
Through working with past clients, I’ve found that my time is best spent writing, editing and tweaking copy to make it the best it can be. If you use an Instagram scheduler (e.g. Later) I’ll pop the captions in there for you to schedule at your convenience.
Can you schedule my emails?
No, I’ll provide you with the carefully crafted written copy for you to input into your brand template and email provider yourself.
Can you upload my blogs?
No, I’ll supply you with the copy for your to upload to your website. This means you can format it exactly the way you like and insert your images.
Can I add on extra mentoring calls?
Yep! You can book a 45-minute call during the course of the project for an additional £99.
I’m sick of Zoom. Can we chat on the phone instead?
I hear ya! We can move your mentoring call to the phone, that’s fine. All other communication is better kept on email so we both have a record of what we’re working on.