Hi, I’m Fiona 👋🏻


I help budding writers bloom.

  • I’ve written for major publications including Refinery29, Grazia, Metro and Reader’s Digest
  • I’ve published two books and am currently working on my third
  • I love creative writing
  • My agent is Jo Bell at Bell, Lomax and Moreton
  • I’m a course leader at City of Poets
  • My book Out of Office, was nominated for a Business Book Award.




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Fiona Fletcher Reid


Since I kickstarted my mental health blog in 2012, my writing journey has taken me to various corners of the publishing world. You might have caught my pieces in Metro, Reader’s Digest, Happiful Magazine, and Grazia, among others.

I’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan, Red Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Refinery29 and I often the stage to speak on mental health and freelancing at events across the UK.

In 2018, my memoir Depression in a Digital Age: The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism was published. I wrote it as an honest conversation, and nearly fell off my chair when it was praised by bestselling author Emma Gannon.

Following that, my bestselling freelance guide Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss, focused on building a business whilst managing your mental health. Trigger was the publishing house behind both of these works. And the newest addition, Work It Out, was published in January 2023, by Welbeck Balance.




An OG blogger, I’ve been writing online for over a decade. I’ve written two books; Work it Out, and a guide to freelancing called Out of Office which has been featured in the Daily Mail, Stylist and Forbes and is an Amazon bestseller.

In 2021 I was shortlisted for a Business Book Award and have written for some dream publications such as Reader’s Digest, Grazia and Metro.

Even though it scared the pants off me, I have spoken at Stylist Live and on Radio 5 to discuss wellbeing, work and starting a freelance business during a pandemic.

The real benefit of working with me comes from my lived experience as a creative person who has lived through mental illness and sexual repression. But I love learning, so am always adding more qualifications to my list:

  • Meditation Teaching Diploma with the Soul Awakening Academy (IPHM accredited)
  • Therapeutic Journaling with the Professional Writing Academy (CPD Accredited)
  • Advanced Safeguarding for Adults with High Speed Trainin






best freelance books