Hi, I’m Fiona 👋🏻


I help spiritually curious creatives like you strengthen your intuition and express your magic with words.

Through a mixture of online workshops, courses, tarot readings and private mentoring I hold space for you to uncover and share your uniqueness in all its glory.

When you are deeply connected with the truth of who you are, writing flows like magic. When you feel disconnected from who you are, writing brings you home.




I know that you feel invisible, lost and unfulfilled even though ‘on paper’ your life is fine and dandy.

You think that no one sees the real you, but it’s because you’re not allowing that powerful essence of your being to shine through.

I can reconnect you with your spark, nurture it and bring you back to life.


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At the age of thirty-three I was a full-time self-employed writer, with two non-fiction books under my belt, hundreds of byelines in national publications and mentions in places like Forbes, Psychology Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

But amongst my shiny success, something inside me still wasn’t right. I got sober (for the second time), started therapy and before I knew it I healing in ways I didn’t know I needed.

At age thirty-five, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I admitted to myself and my loved ones that I’d been keeping a part of myself hidden from view. I came out as a lesbian, seperated from my husband and moved in with my parents to start rebuilding my life.

During this wild life-altering period, it was one of my clients (you really are the best) who gave me my first ever tarot reading. The Queen of Wands appeared and the sunflower stood out to me, and in the days that followed I saw sunflowers everywhere, on greeting cards, backpacks, poking out of bouquets and perched in charity shop windows.

The universe was giving me a sign (lots of signs) telling me to lean into the light, to follow my intuition and delve deeper into my spiritual journey.



I create welcoming online spaces that allow you to escape from the responsibilities of everyday life and make time for you to listen to your intuition.

Through meditation I instill conditions required to access your inner truth. With tarot, guided visualisations and therapeutic journaling techniques, I custom-design online workshops, courses and private mentoring sessions that empower you to listen to your infinite wisdom, honour your desires and carve your own path.



An OG blogger, I’ve been writing online for over a decade. I’ve written two books; Work it Out, and a guide to freelancing called Out of Office which has been featured in the Daily Mail, Stylist and Forbes and is an Amazon bestseller.

In 2021 I was shortlisted for a Business Book Award and have written for some dream publications such as Reader’s Digest, Grazia and Metro.

Even though it scared the pants off me, I have spoken at Stylist Live and on Radio 5 to discuss wellbeing, work and starting a freelance business during a pandemic.

The real benefit of working with me comes from my lived experience as a creative person who has lived through mental illness and sexual repression. But I love learning, so am always adding more qualifications to my list:

  • Meditation Teaching Diploma with the Soul Awakening Academy (IPHM accredited)
  • Therapeutic Journaling with the Professional Writing Academy (CPD Accredited)
  • Advanced Safeguarding for Adults with High Speed Training
  • International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine member
  • Three months of tarot mentoring with Hannah Ross from the Goddess Tarot Society

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional. My services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.





best freelance books