I love words.

But I didn’t always write for a living.

Instead, I worked in various management roles after graduating from university. When I had a mental breakdown in my mid-twenties, I knew something had to change.

I learned how to spot my triggers, many of which were work-related, and decided to create a new life as a freelance writer.

Since then, I have led by example on my social media platforms, sharing the mental health dips along the way and teaching other freelancers how to flourish at work.

I’ve written two books; Depression in a Digital Age and a guide to freelancing called Out of Office which has been featured in the Daily Mail, Stylist and Forbes and is an Amazon bestseller.

I was recently shortlisted for a Business Book Award which made me do a happy dance!

I’ve written hundreds of mental health articles for publications such as Reader’s Digest, Grazia and Metro. In 2020, I was invited to speak at both Stylist Live and Radio 5 to discuss wellbeing, work and starting a freelance business during a pandemic.

I host courses and workhops to help people get into writing. Whether you’re looking to get back into writing as a hobby or want to pivot into freelance writing for work, I can help. Check out my upcoming workshops and courses here.


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My values


This little corner on the internet is for anyone interested in mental health, business, freelancing or creative writing.

As a business owner, I’m continually investing in my own learning and self-development to ensure that I create a space that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone – regardless of personal circumstances, ethnic background, ability, gender, sexual orientation or any other marginalised experience. My writing is designed to be relatable, accessible and never preachy.

I offer lots of free content in the form of my podcast and Instagram feed. I also offer ‘pay what you can afford’ slots on several of my workshops throughout the year and always offer payment plans on my courses.

I don’t claim to have it all figured out just yet, so feel free to reach out if you think there are improvements to be made. Come say hi at fiona@fionalikestoblog.com.