10 positive intentions for a better state of mind

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How do you shift from victim to survivor?

How do you cope with the life-long repercussions that result from being abused as a child?

This is something that Lisa Cybaniak has dealt with personally, but over time has learned to value her own existence and prove to her abuser that she isn’t a victim of her painful past. So much so that she now coaches others on how to overcome their past, have a positive outlook and have improved self-esteem. One thing that she believes strongly in is the power of positive intentions. Here is a an excerpt from her latest blog post on the subject:

“Positive intentions are a great and simple way to begin shifting your mentality. You can begin by using one intention per day and repeating it whilst you get ready in the morning. Eventually, you should try to find time to meditate each day on several different intentions. If you have instantly giggled at the thought of ‘finding time’ each day, then I’ll gently remind you that shifting your mind set begins with you. You are worth it, and you deserve this. People always make time for the things they really want to do.”

Here are 5 positive intentions that worked for Lisa:

1. I am a strong, vibrant man/woman who deserves the best life has to offer

2. I see the beauty in every part of my day, wherever I am and whomever I’m with

3. I have survived my past and am proud of my accomplishments. I honour past accomplishments and recognise new ones as they occur

4. I will recognise opportunities to grow, and take them

5. I am worthy of success and abundance

positive intentions

This got me thinking that maybe I should start incorporating positive intentions into my own daily life. Although my blog is focused on mental health I do try hard to make this a positive place and avoid negative talk as much as possible. So here is a sneak peek at a few of the positive intentions I want to start honing in on to improve my mental state.

  1. It’s OK not to do it all

2. You are stronger than you think

3. Do good things and good things will happen

4. Don’t be afraid to fail

5. What’s for you won’t go by you

I’m going to write these down and look at them every morning. I also like to put positive thoughts in my notes app on my phone, so that whenever I open it to type in a reminder I catch a glimpse of them. It’s a great way to subtly reinforce the words without having to do too much work. To read more about the positive intentions that Lisa has used to overcome negativity read her blog post in full HERE.

A final note from Lisa:

“These are all suggestions to get you started. As you begin with these intentions, you will gain the confidence to adjust them, and add to the list, to suit your needs. This is just a step along a path to shifting your mentality. If you’d like help along your journey, visit Life like you mean it for more information on the wide range of services Lisa offers. Better yet, book a complimentary call so we can chat!”

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