How to make your salad taste f***ing phenomenal

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Make it massive

There is nothing more disappointing than a poorly portioned salad. Just because I’m eating leaves doesn’t mean I’m not hungry. I use half a bag of mixed lettuce minimum when I make mine, so don’t scrimp on it. Find the biggest bowl in the house so that there is no limit to the amount of ingredients you can fit in there and more importantly, you can then eat the damn thing without it overflowing and spilling all down your new top.

Don’t be afraid 

Don’t fear the unknown people. I too thought it was wierd to put strawberries in with a chicken salad… I too was reluctant to mix raisins in with my feta cheese… But the truth is to make an earth shattering bowl of deliciousness you need to be brave. Make your ingredients list as long as you dare and mix up flavours you previously thought unpalatable. What’s the worst that can happen?

Colour is the key 

Salads can too often be a bed of green sprinkled with more green and topped with white chicken, pale looking tuna fish or a blob of goats cheese. These are all great additions to a salad but they need complimentary colours to add that va-va-voom we’re aiming for. My favourite items to introduce more colour to my plate are pomegranate seeds, watermelon, sweet potato, radishes, blueberries, pistachios, peppers and red cabbage. Get the idea?

Arouse the senses

Put a wet slippery salad in front of me and watch what happens. I will not be impressed. The best salads feature a variety of textures and sensations; soft leaves, crunchy peppers, juicy tomatoes, chewy cranberries, salty cheese, sharp pickles, zesty dressing, crisp veggies, a soft poached egg… The sky’s the limit!

What’s your secret to a f***ing phenomenal salad?


2 thoughts on “How to make your salad taste f***ing phenomenal

  1. I need to try and be more creative with my salads. I’m allergic to peppers, don’t like onions and can only eat mushrooms if they’re raw! I usually just end up with lettuce, cucumber and cheese. It tastes ok but would be so much better with a couple more ingredients!

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