Eating more protein


Since getting to my goal weight in November through a low-calorie diet (spoiler alert: that lifestyle is not sustainable!) I’ve been feeling a bit low on energy. I started of course by binge eating chocolate and pizza but realised I felt worse,  shocker! So after reacquainting myself with the basics of good nutrition I began focusing on eating more protein and drinking more water. Combined with healthy fats and the right carbohydrates this seems to be a winner for me in terms of how I feel, and I thought maybe some of you would appreciate some pointers on introducing more protein into your diet.

I was sent some products by My Protein recently,  so this is probably a good place to start. Let’s talk about Protein Bread. Some people genuinely struggle to eat well because of peer pressure. If you have to eat lunch in front of other people,  they can often be judgemental of what you bring in your packed lunch, and more often than not it’s actually the healthiest people who get the hardest time! If you’re sick of onlookers passing comment about your boiled eggs and spinach or turkey salad then this bread could solve a few of your problems. At first glance it looks the same as any other bread,  but 2 slices contain a total of 30g of protein and 30g carbohydrates. Compare this to 2 slices of Hovis and you’re laughing. I used mine mostly for toast, as the loaf is massive and I couldn’t use it all up before it went out of date and had to chuck it in the freezer. It’s great for emergencies or just getting the last few grams of protein in before bedtime, and it’s ridiculously filling too!

I also received some of their Protein Pancake Mix which I thought would make life easier as I’ve never found a protein powder I like enough to make pancakes with. As a result I’ve always just made ‘clean’ pancakes with egg and banana, which is mainly carbs with a little protein so I was definitely up for giving this ready-made mix a go as it comes in at 34g protein per serving and only 6g of carbs. The preparation is EASY. Mix one and a half scoops with water or milk (I used coconut milk) and simply fry in a pan until bubbly, then flip. It makes a very quick breakfast or snack, and although it doesn’t contain the best ingredients (sucralose features on the list) I personally think it is a more sensible option than a bar of chocolate when you’re craving something naughty. The only slight drawback I find is that it does have that ‘artificially sweetened’ taste. Of course, if you want low-calorie (which this is at 191 kcal per serving) then you’re going to have to sacrifice that full flavour. I think in this case its a fair trade-off, considering I’ve managed to polish off most of the bag it can’t be that much of an issue for me!

Have you tried using convenient protein sources? Which ones would you recommend?


One thought on “Eating more protein

  1. That sweetener! I’m always being artificial sweetener-shamed. My Greek yogurt is only 80 calories, and that’s why, but it’s the only brand I like. That’s where I get some protein.

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