Simple pleasures #5

10614575_10154477863875338_1279352687_oOh hey blog readers…. I’ve been kind of blog-free for the past few weeks but I’m clocking back in with a positive thinking post, taking time to reflect on the little things that have kept me sane throughout August.

Wedding planning

OK maybe this hasn’t kept me sane as such (I definitely have a Bridezilla hidden in be somewhere and it might make an appearance before the big day in 2015) but it’s certainly kept me occupied in the most enjoyable fashion for the past wee while. researching (and pinning, lots and lots of late night pinning) the fun stuff like flower arrangements and homemade decorations has been at the forefront of my mind but I have also checked a few ‘big’ things off the list such as venue, photographer, make up artist and bridesmaids dresses. Smug? Me? Never.

10614605_10154539598165338_1198956563_oWarm fruit

My friend Mandy has been describing her nightly addiction to warmed fruit topped with yoghurt for weeks now, and I finally bothered to give it a try myself the other night with magnificent results. Hooked on the comforting, sweet and sour goodness I found a recipe for this berry omelette (pictured above) which only uses one egg and no flour whatsoever. I pimped the recipe up a little by adding some yoghurt to make the most glorious looking breakfast I’ve seen in ages, don’t you agree?

Girly breaks

A city break might seem like a big deal rather than a simple pleasure, but honestly me and my two friends went to Newcastle for two nights on a tight budget and had such a great time. We got a great hotel for around £150 total, and spent the time shopping, drinking coffee, eating donuts and having a good old catch up. It’s so important to spend quality time with people instead of just catching up briefly over drinks or a rushed dinner. You don’t need to do anything special (although it turns out Newcastle genuinely is a lovely city with lots to offer) except be in each others company. We can’t wait to get our next mini break sorted out!

What do you think of my latest simple pleasures?


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