The joy of decluttering

7c9cc832936979c2a290266c5721ea73    Since returning home from my holiday in London I have felt an overwhelming urge to clean and declutter. Only now as I write this am I realising that the intense heat and compactness of city life may have spurned on this feeling, but I am adamant that it can only be a good thing and I should run with it as long as it has some steam.

I’ve read lots of inspiring quotes like the one above, promising a sense of freedom with every room dusted, every bin bag filled and every surface scrubbed. I’m certainly getting some sort of satisfaction from the process. If you walked into my house right now you’d no doubt laugh at the notion that I have been spring cleaning at all – yeah….. it’s a work in progress. Baby steps are required for this chore-avoiding lady who would much rather kick back and watch others be house-proud on ‘Come Dine With Me’ than get off my ass and dust. I mean who has time to dust, really?

I started with the kitchen cupboards. Man, how did I hoard so many plastic bags? Not only that but I honestly found at least 40 bags for life. I am certainly not helping the environment (or my bank balance) by purchasing a reusable bag every time I go shopping. OK so what do you do with an endless stream of plastic bags? I have them sitting in a bag for life (there’s use for one of them at least) until I find the solution. My next gripe is glasses; am I ever going to need 12 wine glasses, 12 champagne flutes, six cocktail glasses and 20 odd tumblers? Unless we suddenly know a hell of a lot more people then not even our wildest party would need that many things to drink out of.

I filled two bags for life (wahey another two BFL gone!) with clothes for the charity shop which is definitely the most rewarding things I’ve done so far. Lots of my clothes have only been worn once, and would sell for at least a few pounds which is more helpful to society than remaining stuffed in my dresser for the next few years. Of course, this is not a selfless act. I am well aware that my main objective is to make my own life less messy, but if they can go to a good cause then that’s great too.

My plan is to live with less clutter from now on. I don’t want to fill up my wardrobe with new clothes when I know I always wear the same grey t-shirt any jeans anyway. I don’t want more crockery, make-up or knick knacks unless they are actually useful, or have some real meaning behind them. I still see the joy in having beautiful things, but I want to be more selective. For example, I didn’t think I needed a new mirror but we got one as an engagement present and I will treasure it forever now, because it was a gift carefully chosen for us, for a very special occasion.

With that said, I still have a lot of work to do. My grass needs cut, windows need cleaned, and I still can’t bring myself to start dusting, but I’m feeling a little lighter now and ready to get stuck in. I’m  just going to have a super quick break and watch some telly with a cuppa first….


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