Simple pleasures #4


I’m currently on holiday in London for a family wedding, and am surrounded with so many reasons to be happy. Friends, family and new acquaintances have all played their part in a wonderful weekend so far, as well as a few other simple pleasures….


The best photographs from my uncle’s wedding were undoubtedly the ones sprinkled with this magical stuff. It’s amazing how a handful of heart shaped tissue paper can make a special moment even more beautiful, especially when kids are involved. Even once we had moved on to the next venue it was nice to leave our mark outside the registry office and church as a reminder that two newlyweds has just been there.


I wouldn’t say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, but that’s only because I love food way too much to single out one part of the process. I do love breakfast food though; bacon, toast, jam, hunners of butter, eggs errmygod eggs, yoghurt, even the healthy stuff like fruit and weetabix floats my boat! I kind of forgot that being on holiday offers up ample opportunities for breakfasts which are unusually greedy and often consist of three courses. I like to start the session with a healthy bowl of fruit topped with yoghurt and maybe some granola. Following that I will honor my Scottish roots by devouring some sort of cooked breakfast, normally involving beans, eggs, sausages and of course bacon. Then to round things off I can usually squeeze in a few mini croissants (what? They’re tiny!) or maybe just some jam-drenched toast. All hail the hotel breakfast buffet!!!

Hotel rooms

Where do I begin? We are in a Marriott hotel at the moment, having the luxury of sleeping in honestly, the biggest, cloud-like fluffy mattress I have ever seen. I thought I liked sleeping already but this takes it to a whole new level of perfection. Next up I have to share my love for free toiletries. Little miniature shampoos and shower gels are just too cute to leave behind. Also, our hotel actually supplies conditioner and body lotion which as a bleached blonde with dry skin I am very appreciative of! Lastly of course I must salute the most valued little token which I look for first when I enter any hotel room; the free biscuits. Just on case I get hungry after breakfast….

One thought on “Simple pleasures #4

  1. Love the free samples in the room if I am luck enough to see housekeeping I always try to blag more. ” Hi the samples I have in the room are all gone they are so small” if I am luck I get quite a few lol. Have fun my best Nemours are with family and friends. X

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