Update: June fitness goals


fitness goals

My June fitness goals were somewhat modest, and little vague to be honest. But that’s how I work sometimes; set me a specific task and I will avoid it at all costs. When I was training for a half marathon I regularly found myself in Body Pump or circuits instead of out logging miles on the roads, because I wanted to do the exercise I felt like doing, not the one that was on the boring training plan. I exercise for the enjoyment and I realise that now, so try not to restrain myself with rigid rules and plans and whatnot. So here’s how my vague attempt at goal-setting went last month:


  • Buy a foam roller – Wowza I finally bought one! I just got a cheap one from Argos and it seems absolutely fine. I’ve been lying with it under my back to get a lower back massage, and also to massage my IT bands. You really don’t realise how tight your muscles are until you use one of these things. I’m hoping the pain will ease off over time but at the moment I can only do about 10 minutes before I’m squealing in pain.
  • Get a sports massage – Dang I didn’t manage to fit this one in. I have been keeping up with my Pilates class though, and as mentioned above been beating myself senseless with a piece of plastic. I’m hoping to squeeze one in this month if possible, although the pain in my legs has subsided a little since I began stretching properly.
  • Weight training – I’ve had a weights programme made up at my local gym (where I recently did work experience, if anyone’s interested in a post about this let me know in the comments below) by a personal trainer so I’m getting stuck into that now and I’m loving it. It uses proper heavy weights on the squat rack which I’m dead excited about, and also uses the dual cable machines which I’ve never been shown before. I’m aiming to do the full body routine twice a week to compliment the fat burning workouts I do at Metafit. Can’t wait to see those back muscles pop out just in time for the end of summer!

Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad is it? What have you all been up to this month fitness wise? Let me know if you’ve tried anything new that you think I would be interested in.

Stay tuned for my July fitness goals coming ASAP!

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