Simple pleasures #2

Last week saw my first attempt at this ‘simple pleasures’ post, and even if no one read it I found it a good way to spend a little time thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. So here comes my second edition…

Finding cheap flowers

I love it when people buy me flowers. For our engagement Joe’s mum and dad got us an enormous bouquet or white roses and lilies, and I was in love with them. However there is nothing better than wandering around the supermarket and finding a discounted bunch of flowers which you know you can give a home to. OK it sounds a little dramatic – we’re not re-homing sick animals here but there is something so sad about thinking those half price pretties could end up in the bin! I don’t go looking for cheap flowers because that’s exactly when they can’t be found. Sod’s law. You just have to take ’em when you see ’em.

1611896_10153735220975338_126723722_o1618207_10153735223705338_900682609_oPink nail polish

Since getting engaged I’ve been enjoying painting my nails more often, just in case I need to show off my ring to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (this is almost impossible as I haven’t shut up about it). I borrowed by mum’s Nails Inc polish this week in the shade Bruton Street which is a perfect dark rose shade. It’s quite an unusual colour which I’ve been unable to find a dupe for, and the Nails Inc formulation is excellent and only requires one coat. I did a full review of it on Nouvelle Daily if you’re interested.

New t-shirts

OK this might sound a bit weird. If I’m going out somewhere special, going on holiday or even just out to lunch with a friend, I really like wearing a new t-shirt. It doesn’t need to be Topshop or particularly stylish. Don’t get me wrong, I love a wee Breton stripe but I’m also partial to a plain white boyfriend top. If I’m in Primark I almost feel obliged to buy a new t-shirt because they are so cheap and give me so much pleasure. I just like wearing something new, and once its been washed obviously it doesn’t count as new anymore. Trip to Primark anyone?

What are you appreciating this week?


5 thoughts on “Simple pleasures #2

  1. Simple pleasures is new sheets on the bed after coming in from the wash line. Fresh cut grass I love the smell before the hay fever kicks in. Watching the birds eating from the feeders. There is so much in life that can give us pleasures it’s finding the right one for you.

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