My not-so-eventful week in fitness

10469697_10154261028840338_789500992_oThis week has been kind of uneventful on the fitness front so if you’re looking for tales of mammoth high intensity sessions in the gym or any sessions in the gym to be honest you’ve come to the wrong place. However I have had a very active week in general.

Every day I haven been walking to and from work, and I normally only work 3 days a week whereas this week I have worked 5 days – yes I’m aware this is no hardship as that’s what most people do! I’ve had the enviable job of looking after this little pooch which means walking home (uphill) at lunchtime to let her out and give her some company for a few minutes. On another note, it is soul destroying coming home to an excitable wee dog who is actually dying with happiness to see you only to give her a biscuit, let her pee and then shut the door on her again. It has been so difficult – honestly I feel my heart breaking a little more everyday for her. I worked out how much I’ve been walking and it actually comes in at a respectable 2.5 miles everyday which combined with waitressing for 8 hours is a pretty good exercise regime in my opinion.



I did manage to get into a Body Pump class on Monday night which was good. I used to do this class 3-4 times a week but I’ve found cutting it down to once a week or even once a fortnight has been beneficial in working me harder and giving me more rest time. I had to miss my Pilates class due to work so I have been doing lots of stretches at home but its not the same as going to class.

I also went along to my favourite Friday night Metafit class. I can’t believe I put off going to Metafit for so many months, as now its become a central part of my regime. It has definitely improved my fitness levels no end and helped strengthen my core, which is also getting help from Pilates. I dream of my abs appearing one day.. one day. Normally a week without fitness classes everyday would stress me out, but I’ve had a great time just walking and keeping busy at work. I guess this is progress in some shape or form.

I’d love to hear about your week in fitness, even if its been as quiet as mine. Let me know in the comments below!

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