Simple pleasures #1

401810_10151362692336652_1367639702_nDo you ever just wait all day to do that one thing that you now will make you happy – like putting on your slippers or getting into bed made up with freshly washed sheets? I spend a lot of time enjoying simple pleasures and to be honest they keep me going through the day, so I thought I’d share the love and start posting these regularly…

Going to bed early

You can probably guess from the slipper chat above than I am one for early nights. I’ve always struggled getting up in the morning, and if no one wakes me up I can sleep until 1pm without even stirring. Since getting old and boring I have been enjoying going to bed at a reasonable time (for me that’s 10pm although there was an 8.30pm occurrence last week which I am particularly proud of) and it means I actually wake up refreshed at a reasonable hour, sometimes even before my alarm goes off! Saddo behaviour!

What’s App

I have been loving this recently, mainly because I have  group set up with my close friends where we can instantly tell each other when we see funny shit by taking a photo and posting it in the group. Its great for setting up nights out and we’ll be using it to plan a city break soon too. Its also perfect for sending outfit pics for opinions!


I don’t mean the ‘Yawn, I’m awake’ stretching (although that IS sensational) instead the kind of stretching which increases flexibility and strength. More importantly, stretching before and after exercise will help prevent injury and I basically abstained from doing this for, well, my entire life up until now. As a result I am sore, very sore, and excessive amounts of stretching has been prescribed to ease the pain and stop it getting worse. I try to do it every day for about 20 minutes focusing on my legs which are the problem area. I pop in my headphones and just chill out before bed and its really therapeutic.

Essie Button

I’m really into Estee’s vlogs at the moment, and it has encouraged me to think more about personalising my blog. I really enjoy reading blogs and watching vlogs which are about everyday things like making lunch and walking the dog so I thought I might as well start introducing that element on here, as you can tell by this new post. Its kind of scary to put your life online for others to criticise but I think she does it beautifully and is very down to earth.

Do you like this idea for a regular feature? What are the simple pleasures that make you happy?


2 thoughts on “Simple pleasures #1

  1. I completely agree with you. I love getting into a freshly cleaned bed after taking a long shower. Makes me so happy 🙂

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