My week in fitness

1231290_10153182422970338_2081442730_oMonday – I was having some seriously dodgy knee pains today and yesterday so I decided to rest even though I had planned to go swimming with my mum. I quite enjoy swimming once a week but that’s about my limit as it gets kind of boring.

Tuesday – Really boring, I had another rest day today because I was working and had some stuff to do at night time.

Wednesday – I went to the gym today and did some good old fashioned cardio in the form of cycling. I did some intervals and then some lower intensity work for 20 minutes and finished with some weights. I haven’t been to the gym in ages so I felt like I was kind of finding my feet again but I really enjoyed it.

Thursday – I have started religiously attending Pilates every week to help ease my muslces after years of torturing my body without stretching. I went in early and did some more cardio on the bike and some leg work on the resistance machines for good measure. I felt amazing after class, and really feel my core getting stronger and my posture improving.

Friday – I decieded to give Metafit a go to see how my achey knee would hold up. It went OK and I worked pretty hard if you must know! If you only do one workout a week I would suggest Metafit – I always end up working the hardest during those 30 minutes than any other gym session. Afterwards I popped my chilled out music on my headphones and did some stretching for about 20 minutes which was nice and relaxing.

I have spent the weekend working and relaxing and I don’t feel guilty about that whatsoever. Its easy to forget that rest is important for your health with everyone posting ‘inspirational’ quotes suggesting that only quitters need time off. Sorry guys, but I am so over working out six days a week only to feel bad about resting on the seventh day!

I’d love to hear what you guys have been up to this week, please comment below!



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