My favourite foods for weight loss

10388731_10154164592770338_361707102_o 10323467_10154096195855338_1462208954_o 10319873_10154073170595338_23201438_o 10421699_10154209072540338_847846574_oI haven’t done a weight loss update in a wee while because I was really struggling to lose more than a few pounds before gaining it back weeks later. Recently I have had more success (Amen) and have lost about 9lbs in the past two months, even though I was on holiday in Cannes and celebrated my engagement during that time. So although not everything that worked for me will work for you, I wanted to share my favourite foods at the moment and how they are helping me progress on my weight loss journey in a positive way, instead of feeling deprived and hungry.

First up, I love to start they day with a bowl of porridge. I don’t buy the pre-packaged sweetened variety and instead weigh out 50g of Scottish porridge oats and cook them with almond milk. My trick is to add sweetness in the form of a mashed banana, added whilst the oats are still cooking on the hob or in the microwave. With this addition there is no need to add sugar or syrup, and it also makes the portion much bigger and more filling. I like to add a few blueberries if I have any to hand, and this always keeps me full until lunch.

Vegetable stir-fry has been my favourite meal lately. If I’m exercising that day or am really hungry I will add some noodles but I also really enjoy just using a bunch of finely chopped colourful vegetables. I flavour them with garlic, ginger, chilli and soy sauce and top with some fresh coriander and lime juice. All these flavourings are guilt free but make for an incredibly tasty dinner. Toss in some prawns for extra protein.

Soup. My saving grace. My light in the dark. Oh I do love a big bowl of home made soup. When eating out, I almost always have the soup. Even when there is a salad or another seemingly healthy option on offer, soup is normally more filling, nutritious and lower in calories. I’m not one of these people who eat soup as my evening meal – I am far too excited about dinner to waste it on a mere bowl of soup! I usually have a bowl for lunch or have some as a starter in the evening followed by a smaller portion of something delicious.

Finally, I am obsessed with colourful salads. There is nothing more depressing than being ‘good’ on your diet, asking for a salad and being presented with a plate of lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Its my mission in life to create rainbow salads brimming with beetroot, red onion, peppers, asparagus and every variation of leaf known to man. Call me superficial but it keeps me interested in cooking and makes eating it so much more enjoyable.

I hope you have found some of these ideas helpful, and I would love to know your favourite foods for weight loss!

2 thoughts on “My favourite foods for weight loss

  1. These are some yummy and healthy looking foods! I agree with you on the salads too, my aunty makes an amazing salad with pomegranate seeds, pear, walnuts, bok choy and goats cheese, so tasty!!!

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