Quick Moroccan chicken & cous cous

chicken cous cous

After posting the other day that I was strictly in a vegetarian pasta mood, I was overwhelmed with cravings for something meaty! I had some chicken in the freezer that needed used up (it was to make way for ice cream OK?) so made this Moroccan inspired dish for dinner.

I chopped up the chicken into strips and marinated them in some of this delicious Moroccan spice rub which we got as a gift from my boyfriend’s dad (thanks Wayne!) as well as some extra smoked paprika for good measure – man I love that stuff. After 30 minutes or so I sealed the chicken and added some red onion, yellow pepper and leftover broccoli and kind of stirfried it until the meat was cooked. Meanwhile I cooked the cous cous in hot chicken stock, then once it was full of life added black pepper and spring onions. Add a handful of salad and Bob’s your uncle, a tasty little dish with bags of flavour in under an hour.

10335608_10154217218630338_1142367280_oWill you be trying this recipe?


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