Addicted to pasta

10376410_10154186316840338_429415468_oIn the midst of summer, most folks are scoffing burnt sausages off the BBQ or saying things like “Its just too hot to eat”, whilst I’m over here making overflowing bowls of steaming hot pasta. Weird? A little. Tasty? You betcha!

I’ve gone off chicken, beef, pork and pretty much any other meat you can think of (although sticky ribs is still up there with my favourite foods for some reason) and pasta has been the substitute. Protein is what keeps me full but I’ve been getting that in the morning via eggs or yoghurt and at lunchtime with either eggs again or fish. But when it comes to my evening meal I just can shake my addiction to a lovely big plate of wholemeal pasta cooked ‘al dente’.

I have mastered the skill of making a meal out of absolutely anything – leftover soup, vegetables and curry have all been lovingly reincarnated into my carb loaded dinner with varying degrees of success. If the cupboards are bare, just a spoonful of fresh pesto is all I need to bring a pot of penne to life. Fusilli with sprouts? Yes, its been done.

What are you addicted to?

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