June fitness goals


fitness goals

I was feeling positive last month and felt like starting up my ‘monthly fitness goals’ again. I eased myself in gently with a few general points to work towards and saw some great results. I did lots of stretching and saw marked improvements in my injuries, did some swimming to avoid impact and got back into doing Body Pump once a week after some time away from weight training. Now, here are some goals for June:


  • Buy a foam roller – I have been using one of these bad boys in Pilates once a week but the instructor rotates the type of work we do, so I think she will be giving up on them soon. The deep tissue massage you can get from these really is amazing and I would love to get the results at home.
  • Get a sports massage – There is a definite theme here relating to my aching muscles, don’t ya think? I had a massage last month and was told my legs are really tight which makes exercising harder and more painful from the outset. Regular sports massages combined with good stretches should help me get better and prevent further injuries.
  • Weight training – I got a fright when I went back to Body Pump last month – when they say you need you use your muscle to keep it, they really mean it. I couldn’t lift the heavy weights I used to which was so frustrating! I want to be able to lift the same as I could this time a year ago, and I’m not too far off!

What are your goals for June?

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