Healthy beetroot salad

10426055_10154192868175338_1349198776_o 10425952_10154192847310338_1834200556_oI am definitely on the ‘summer body’ war path, counting calories and enjoying lots of vegetables instead of croissants and cakes like I was in Cannes. Aaaah I had to get back to reality at some point!

I go through phases of being really ‘into’ certain foods, and during summer I really dig beetroot for some reason. I remembered this at the supermarket earlier so picked up some vacuum packed tastiness and made this quick vegetarian salad. I used one grated carrot, some red onion, betroot, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar and topped it with some steamed asparagus. Tastes good enough on its own for lunch or would serve as a tangy side dish to some baked fish or grilled chicken.

I’m looking forward to having the rest of the beetroot in a salad with some feta cheese. Do you have any other good recipes for beetroot?

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