Why you should eat more soup

soup cllageIn my recent post I touched on my recent dip in healthy eating. If I normally follow the 80/20 rule then its definitely been more of a 50/50 affair going on over here. I thought back to one of the times in my life when I was happy with my eating habits, and it was around the time I was reading ‘The Flat Tummy Club’ by Kate Adams.

The book is not preachy, doesn’t cut out everyday foods, instead simply uses a few good techniques and encourages eating more of the foods which keep you fuller and aid in digestion. I highly recommend it if you are reasonably happy with your weight but want to limit bloating and lose a few inches whilst eating lots of delicious foods. One of the tips she suggests is make one of your meals a bowl of soup. Simple, yet so effective. All the memories came flooding back to me; I always had a batch of soup on the hob and another in the fridge and I was never hungry! The benefits of eating soup everyday are excellent, and I would urge you to start making your own, home made soups without haste.

You will feel full without eating many calories: If you make your own soup you can control what’s in it. I suggest lots of vegetables, seasoning, a stock cube and some fresh herbs. I used one head of cauliflower the other day and it made 6 portions of soup, so that’s probably about 50 calories per serving. Add soup bread or oatcakes and your still eating under 300 calories for a meal. I’m not suggesting low calorie diets are the only way to lose weight, but you will get a surprising amount of satisfaction from soup that you wouldn’t get from 300 calories worth of cereal bars or McDonalds.

Its economical: Before you go shopping look at what vegetables you have in your fridge. At the moment I have half a cabbage, potatoes, two peppers, onion and a courgette. That will easily make a batch of soup to last me a few days. I just boil them up with a vegetable stock cube, some ginger and fresh parsley and I’m good too go. The whole thing will probably cost me less than £2.50 and its completely fresh and home made. Surely thats got to be better than spending upwards of £5 in M&S every lunchtime? Always use up your leftover vegetables!

Its convenient: Heating up soup takes less that five minutes, and can be carried in a flask ready to eat at your leisure. If you’re busy you can gulp it down in no time, although I would encourage you to sit down and enjoy your food. If you make too much simply pop it in the freezer for another day. You can also use up soup by using it as a base for a sauce, for example tomato soup can be thickened with a little almond flour and stirred into pasta. Lentil soup is great for curries; just add a little curry paste and serve with chicken and rice.

OK you get the idea. I could ramble on for hours about my love for soup! I’ve written a few recipes for Nouvelle Daily which you can find linked below.

Parsnip & Bacon Soup // Thai Carrot Soup

Is anyone else obsessed with eating soup everyday?


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