My week in food pics

10175776_10154060982150338_1943986769_o 10286630_10154044608625338_434507357_o 10263474_10154041043485338_979818609_o10263450_10154056392260338_1745114399_oI’m not going to lie, its been a bad week for me food-wise. I’ve scoffed bagels, biscuits, burgers and everything in between.. but I’m not going to let that get me down. I’m normally the one shouting ‘Start your healthy eating today, don’t wait til Monday!’ but I’m just not feeling that vibe at the moment! The week wasn’t a total disaster however, as you can see from my pictures.

I served up my cucmber & chilli salad with some baked salmon (1) and steamed cabbage for a healthy dinner.

My boyfriend and I had a little indoor picnic last weekend (2) so I enjoyed some sushi, sausage rolls and pasta salad – all bought from Tesco of course, no cooking required!

Clearly I’m having a bit of a salmon obsession so I had a pasta dish (3) with some cooked salmon, roast vegetables and some lemon juice. I’m not normally a pasta fan but I’m kind of into it right now.

On Thursday I whipped up some soup(4) with some piccolo tomatoes and fresh basil. I wolfed the lot down in two sittings but it was totally guilt-free as it was just tasty fresh vegetables. Makes me want to make another batch right now actually…

How was your week?

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