Easy protein breakfasts

10245244_10153985421475338_610750536_o 1977600_10153886353080338_1178019191_o 1925148_10153814599310338_840107549_o 10147026_10153943689295338_1916773529_oProtein is an essential part of our diets; known best for building muscle, it also helps fight disease and makes haemoglobin to carry oxygen around the body. Most people will eat protein throughout the day maybe in the form of turkey or chicken in a sandwich followed by fish for dinner or a meat free alternative such as lentils or tofu. However, most of us struggle to eat protein for the most important meal of the day; breakfast.

Incorporating a small portion of protein into your breakfast can help rev up your metabolism for the day and is also more likely to fill you up until lunch. Not everyone can stomach bacon and eggs at 7.30am and I understand that (OK not the bacon part, I could eat bacon all day everyday) and have a few easy alternatives for you.

1. Protein shakes – I currently use Cookies & Cream protein powder blended with unsweetened almond milk and maybe a banana thrown in too. If I’m out of bananas I’ll have a piece of wholemeal toast to get a little carbohydrate too. This is great before a workout when you don’t want to scoff a big meal.

2.Pancakes – These are more of a treat than an everyday occurrence, but still really quick. Crack two eggs in a bowl and whisk with one mashed up banana and a pinch of baking soda. If you want to increase the protein add an extra egg white. Fry in a pan and serve with syrup, fruit, dessicated coconut, bacon, the list goes on…

3. Cereal – If I want a treat or my boyfriend has bought some tasty cereal then I will have a small portion (say 30g) and top with a vanilla protein shake and some blueberries. Just make the shake a little thinner than usual to act as milk and enjoy!

4.Cottage cheese – I didn’t realise until recently that a lot of people really dislike cottage cheese! I personally really enjoy it – lumps an’ all – and for some reason is doesn’t affect my stomach like normal milk does so I’m happy to use it as a quick protein source. It’s cheaper than eggs and meat so it’s a no-brainer really. I like mine on warm wholegrain toast with a cuppa!

Will you be trying any of these ideas?

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