Current tricep workout

10149191_10153957906670338_1317777026_oAnyone who knows me will know that I LOVE going to fitness classes. However, recently I have realised that to get the results I want I need to have a more structured plan which involves more visits to the gym and less time spent in classes. This honestly took me a few weeks to get to grips with, but I will do a seperate blog post on that to update you on what I’ve been up to overall. For now, I thought I’d let you in on my current tricep workout. I’ve started focussing on this area a lot and have seen some great results, and what woman doesn’t want to tone up her bingo wings? I’m still a long way off from sculpted arms, but I used to be ashamed to show mine off at all, so posting this photo is a step in the right direction for me. Hurray!

Tricep dips

I make sure my legs are fully extended to make the dips as hard as possible, and might to a set with my legs elevated to make it tougher. I normally do 20 then take a break and try to do 20 again but normally fail.

Skull crushers

The trick here is to keep your elbows pointing inwards. I usually use a 10 kilo dumbell and do about 15 reps and about 3 sets. I try to keep the movement quite slow and controlled which helps increase the intensity of the exercise.


I can only do these properly with a really light weight, about 3 kilos, so try and do as many reps as possible to get the most out of it. I normally do a pulsing motion for 3-5 times and repeat until failure. I also didn’t realise until recently it helps if you focus on squeezing the tricep muscle at the top of the movement. Avoid swinging the weight.

Tricep push ups

Have you ever done a tricep push up? Then please accept my sincerest congratulations! They are SO tough, and sometimes I feel they are genuinely impossible. However, I do try and can definitely do a few on my knees. I just need to build up my strength and hope that one day I can pop up onto those toes. Nothing like a bit of goal setting!

I normally combine my tricep workout with some bicep and shoulder work. Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing about that too!




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