Easy ways to intensify your workout

If-it-doesnt-challenge-you-it-doesnt-change-you.-Pull-UpHere are a few ideas to get more out of your workout. They are simple and don’t require much thought or equipment, so why not give them a go?

Choose the form of cardio you hate the most:

I find this is a good motivator because I am more focused on getting the hard work done quickly so I can move onto the next part of my workout. I avoided the cross trainer for over a year because I didn’t like the feeling of having no impact (I know that sounds strange) so I always opted for the treadmill or cycling. However, recently I have forced myself to do at least 10 minutes of interval training on the cross trainer and I find I burn more calories in that time than I do on the treadmill.

Challenge your balance:

If you find your regular exercises enjoyable but less challenging than they should be, try making them harder by challenging your balance. For example, try doing bicep curls standing on one leg or raise your legs up whilst doing bench presses. Most gyms have stability balls which can be incorporated into crunches, press ups and free weight exercises.

Stop resting:

OK don’t stop resting completely, but if you are at the gym regularly you probably don’t need 1 minute in between sets. Try decreasing the rest time in between sets and feel the burn! Similarly, if you are doing cardio intervals make sure you are increasing the time you spend working hard and decrease the rest periods to improve your aerobic fitness.

Compound exercises:

Why squat when you can squat and shoulder press at the same time? Compound exercises are great for short workouts or working more muscles in one move. Try doing a deadlift into bicep curl, dumbell lunges, hang cleans or kettlebell swings to use more muscles at once and get a full body workout.

Have you changed your workout recently?

5 thoughts on “Easy ways to intensify your workout

  1. I’ve been trying to do more compound exercises recently just because I was getting so bored of just standing there when lifting so I’ve been adding in squats and lunges just to avoid the boredom and I am so impressed with the difference. I’m definitely going to have to add in that balance challenge though, that’s a great idea!

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