Holland & Barrett mini haul

holland and barratI love a good look around my local Holland & Barrett, and with their ‘Buy one get one half price’ deal in full swing I decided to make a few purchases.

I am really into fruit teas at the moment. After giving up coffee a few months ago I ended up sampling a lot of new teas because I was bored with my usual green or peppermint varieties. My current favourites are Vanilla Rooibos (from Marks and Spencer) and Apple Crunch by Twinings. The Twinings one is being discontinued so I had to pick up this Apple & Cinnamon tea  as a replacement. Slimatee on the other hand, is just a great stand by for when your system feels clogged up, normally after a heavy meal or a few days of bad eating. I don’t use this every night as I’m not sure how good it is for your gut so I save it for maybe once or twice a month.

When nut butters took off last year I bought a jar of Meridian’s Almond Butter and it took me about 3 months to get through it. I know most girls love eating it out of the jar but I just don’t like it enough! I used it up in curries and shakes eventually, but thought maybe I should try the cashew version. Again, I couldn’t eat this out the jar but I’m definitely in the minority there so I would recommend you give it a go for yourself.

Finally, I picked up a sachet of Chocolate flavoured Whey Protein. I currently have a batch of strawberry flavoured protein powder by My Protein and I don’t really like it. Considering how little I actually use protein powder I am very wary about splashing out over £20 on a new version just to find out I don’t like it. So when I saw this sample size I thought it was worth a try. I’m going to try it mixed with almond milk instead of water to see how it tastes. I hope you enjoyed reading my little haul, I can’t wait to try my new products!

What have you bought as Holland & Barrett recently?





9 thoughts on “Holland & Barrett mini haul

  1. Hi Fiona – i have just started whole30 for lent and was curious if these are whole30 approved? I am a pescatarian and am struggling to get protein into all my meals. Any suggestions would be great 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Rebecca, do you mean the protein powder? As far as I’m aware there are virtually no powders which are whole 30 approved. I usually have a batch of boiled eggs on hand to add into every meal if that helps at all!

  2. I love almond butter and cashew butter…. So much so that I’ve had to stop buying it by the kilo from MyProtein because I kid you not, I can eat the kilo tub in less that 4 days…! :-O It’s not a bad thing as it gets my calories up, but I don’t like the binging behaviour that it brings out in me!

    My latests purchases from H&B were a small jar of cashew butter (which I ate with a spoon in one sitting…), some Nakd bars (I love the cocoa orange one and the gingerbread one…pecan pie… okay all of them!), I also use the Slimatee for when I feel a bit clogged up so I have some of that. I only use unflavoured whey isolate from Genetic Supplements as it’s from grass fed cows. Beware of the protein powders as a lot of them have additives =)

    Love a good healthy shop!! ❤

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